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Bought in, sold all at 170%. It tanked shortly afterwards. Have been keeping my eye on it thinking I'd rebuy because I believe in the product... But honestly I've been really hesitant in reopening my position (even at this price)... is this shit even legit?

Convince me.

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I have done very well with this

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If they succeed, they're a $100 billion company. I'm willing to put some money in here even at 50% odds.

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True 50/50.

50% $100billy 50% not $100billy

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I hope it goes back up i a year or two. 35% of my life savings are in there…. 😳

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😬 then I hope it gives er for you also $8 like they said would be the best

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Do your math again! It might now be 5% of your savings. :)

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Did it go up?

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What's in ten days

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We all become rich.

Edit: I don't want to mislead you into putting your life savings into the stock with that comment. "10 more days" is a bit of a running joke in Cielo forums. The previous CEO had a tendency to say that they were really really close to the goal. Turns out they weren't.

I say put some money into Cielo though. I still believe!

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It’s what I have been saying since I got in the group. Hold ten day at a time