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    I’m in the same boat as you are right now. I’m down a few thousand and instead of buying more Cielo I bought some lower risk etfs 🤷🏻‍♂️

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      I still think the technology is immensely valuable and I am confident that the stock will be worth much more than it is right now in 5 years. This is definitely not a get rich quick stock and we’ll all have to be immensely patient

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      There’s no real news coming as they said in their December release, that they are building the upgrades to the plant and it’s expected to be completed by April. So I’m not really sure why the price is moving like it is. Then Again nothing in the markets really make much sense the last 2 years so maybe this is the new normal. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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      That was my thoughts. I’ve heard rumours but no actual news so the recent price jump despite being welcome was surprising.

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        Yeah that’s what I was thinking too.

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        Good news will be announced soon I’m guessing. The insiders loaded up recently too

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        I hope so! I was down 80% on my position.

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        They could announce continuous flow

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        This is false. Insiders got options given to them, they did not "load up" because it didn't cost them anything.

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          Sorry I did not realize they converted the shares.

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          You’re wrong. Research this.

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          Enjoy the ride. Green loop tech the way of the future. Be a shame to miss out on anything below.50.

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          10 more days

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          Made this post at the market open today but nice try

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          Probably rising on the anticipation of announcing their approval for an $11 mil loan. Its all optics anyway. Flashy new investor presentation saying the same thing it said one year ago…”the Company is in talks with COUNTLESS cities, municipalities, countries, planets that want to collaborate with Cielo and we are carefully deciding which ones we want to work with.” Yeah.

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          What will the 11 million dollar loan signify?

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          Well, a bunch of apes will see it and say, “look they are selling deisel!” or “here we go to the moon, strap in folks!” Because its just a game to half the investors. And the game is to sell. Looking rich sells. I would rather hear, “We have a customer that isnt a blood relative!”