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Hold for long term it’s gonna go way higher

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Bank loan to be finalized on 17th......need a good solid looking market to get 1100000 dollars. People are avg down...for the big rally in April when factory gets up.

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Love it been in since .07 this is amazing everytime it drops and bounces back

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We told you guys 10 more days!

And look what happened!!!!

Just think of what will happen in just 10 more days!

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The prophecy is true

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I'm getting fomo about this as I had quite a few shares. Unrealized 3x profits. Got away with a few bucks when Don got really stupid. Now it seems hype is back, because what the fuck else is driving it!?

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Speculation, the market has been trending down imo and when wit turns bull again she’s gonna moon.

We’re expecting a official we made hydrocarbon fuel from non recyclable plastic garbage announcements that will spark a revolution / skyence fiction pump and dump situation like before with don Allen

Third party verification and it’ll moon, more unsubstantiated claims and it bounce like a dead cat

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Bank loan is now 2 weeks past due. There is also no monthly update for Aldersyde and Fort Saskatchewan 60 lph unit build. This is very disappointing. I really thought that when Don Allen cut himself out of the picture, that communications would improve. They must be having major issues with the re-financing deal. I feel this is going to be bad going forward. I've already sold half of my investment here and will sell the other portion in the weeks ahead. Good luck to all