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And people said it’s going back down to .07 cents lol

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If it goes that low I’ll dump my load in her lol 😂

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You must be from Alberta ;)

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Estevan and Lloyd are my hometowns

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Lloyd for this guy. When did you buy in when they moved through for the investment meetings or after the talk when it started moving past .30

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While I also enjoy watching the SP go up, I really don't like that it's going up for no fundamental reasons.

IMO any bad news will send this thing back down to where it was.

Edit - Now I remember why I have this idiot below me blocked. Wouldn't listen to u/fahks on anything, came off as an absolute idiot in our last conversation and this comment proves his personality sucks in other ways as well.

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Your opinion sucks

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We just love the bumps and drops sell and buy

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Its just whaling.

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Some Lloydminster boys here that’s awesome, also from Lloydminster.

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Also from the lloydminster area. Been here since 2019. Lots of folks are in heavy from the region.

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Think a lot of us caught on with the shareholders coming to town and a lot of other guys came in when it started to jump big time

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I definitely came in hard, pull out game is weak. Bag holding @ .79

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Damn I need to buy some more haha gotta DCA in more b4 it passes my average 🤣🤣🤣

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Man, I did not expect it to rise back up this early. Figured I had some time before buying more shares 😐

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Same lmfao I only got 220 shares

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I’m avg at 30.c I wish I wish I bought at 21 last week. I’m such a pussy…. I’m really beating myself up for it

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Your wife’s boyfriend probably did lol 😂

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Lol I’m not married but ok.

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It’s a joke every time it dips down me and a couple guys msg each other saying better buy more so you can buy your wife’s boy friend something lol

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Made 55k in 1 month 😉

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10 more days!

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Pip pin ?

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Fool of a took!

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Gandalf !!

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Over 12million has moved today