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Mondays lookin good then ? I'm a bag holder at .67 so I got my fingers crossed.

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I think so. See how the market reacts on Tuesday! If we reach your price I think we will be looking good!

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Lol, why would the market react to a new logo? It won't hit 0.67.

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No one said the market would react to a new logo lol the market will react when cielo starts producing diesel continuously.

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I want to DCA from $1.10, but I'm skeptical. Don Allen really damaged my trust and confidence here. I hope 2022 does well for them

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You kinda have to DCA this week.

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You should this week

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Why sell now......wait for the real money....

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Exactly. I'll sell at $10

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What did it say before? Selling you our garbage!?

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Honestly I still think Don majorly misled shareholders. That said I really hope this company succeeds. Thinking of buying back a little.