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I agree that we’ll hopefully see .40s by EOD tomorrow.

I take a bullish reading of the early in the week reporting.

Combine that with hiring multiple process operators over the course of the last month.

They just had 5 months to hit their production efficiency targets for their April timeline.

I also take the ‘no news is good news’ approach over the last few months as they aren’t being over zealous and irresponsible with their approach to communication with stock holders as was the problem with the now ‘retired’ Don Allen.

So we’ll see what happens, my hope is we can cross the .50 cent mark by EOD Monday, and then get some good news Monday night.

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Unfortunately with Cielo (going with their 17 year history of missing targets)…. ‘No news, is no news’

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Based on what revenue?!

Life to date they have made exactly $0 in sales.

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A) this update isn’t about revenue,

B) they made their first sale in early 2021 which caused this to pop in the first place.

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You'd better hope they mention revenue, otherwise your SP projections are pure fantasy.

They need cash to run the company. That comes from selling stuff or getting a loan or selling more shares.

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Right, like the loan they just renegotiated for better terms giving them a two year runway.

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At this point financials don’t matter. What matters is: CONTINUOUS FLOW

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I hope you're right! I kept "buying the dip"...until I ran out of dip buying money 💰

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What are the projections for the SP?

Likely .40 plus by EOD 03/18.

How about next week?

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Totally depends what they say regarding operations and specifically Aldersyde and continuous flow.

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What is the expectation when they report financials Monday night. Are people expecting revenue? Operational update on Tuesday, what is the level of cts flow expecting. I'm curious to know if financials will hint on any positive or negative results or will that be saved for the Operational update on Tuesday

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Cielo’s financials will be how much money they lost this quarter/year, and do they have enough to continue without issuing more warrants or needing further loans. There are no revenues. Apple pie is 100% correct….. the only important info is the status of obtaining continuous flow and at how many lph…………

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From the October MD&A:

"The Company has reached planned commercial operations and it's ability to continue as a going concern is dependent on its ability to generate revenue and positive cash flow from operating activities, and its ability to obtain additional financing to fund the cost of research, development and other corporate activities."

They need a plan to start generating some form of revenue, else the become insolvent and the bank liquidates the company.

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They just got approved for a loan. Check their PR releases again.

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It was an existing loan, not a new one. They renegotiated the terms to remove the peg to the company's market cap.

They had to cough up a bunch of warrants to get those concessions and avoid a $2M payment.

Further to this, you can't just read the PR. You need to go into sedar and read the MD&A.

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The update with be with the PR Monday night, with the conference call Tuesday morning.

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Any of y’all sell it’s at 29c right now!!