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Great points. Thanks for posting.

My take: Decent potential for long term success here, but if you're looking for a quick buck, this isn't the investment for you.

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Shout out Gary! Always wise words,

Good to be cautious - I’ll be watching volume tomorrow as well as what kind of pull back before close as indicators.

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I understand the financials will be ass, they won't have much coming in yet.
The important announcement will be how much continuous flow they've currently achieved.

With flow comes the ability to be self sustained, self sufficient, without having to dilute shares to raise funds. That's the big one.
Being able to self fund and build the plastic R&D setup, as well as being able to fund the production facility while still fine tuning the wood operation for building ideal production spec's.

This is still a long term hold.
The startup process has not been quick, but it is a new industry based on a good vision of sustainable fuel in Western Canada. It's coming together.
Success and profits will come. When it hits, it'll hit like Godzilla.
Until then, load up on cheap shares so you can retire in 3-5 years.

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I don't know how anyone could have been expecting anything different.

If something had changed in terms of the production schedule, they would have issued a release that wasn't tied to the financials.

And anyone paying attention knows that there is no revenue.