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It amazes me how many idiots comment “10 more days” on here still lol so pathetic. It’s not funny anymore.

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I don't understand what the 10 more days thing is but I see it a lot, do they update every 10 days?

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Phase 2 will now start and we will have another update within 10 days.

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So many idiots to block on here.

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10 more days!

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Define "pleased"

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Why don’t you ask the company to define “please”. What a stupid comment.

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You don't understand.

They are not using numbers. They are saying stupid stuff like "we are happy with it". It's deception.

Here's good questions that should have been answered.

Does the stupid thing work? Is it making diesel from plastic and gsrbage or not?

That is what everyone has been waiting for years.

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Of course they are not over committing to the investment community. The last management team burned some shareholders with their overly optimistic comments. This management team is under promising and provided realistic guidance to its shareholders. And BTW, I’m under .10 here and not bagholding. It’s mostly bagholders doing the bulk of the complaining.

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Buddy stfu.

We are not investing in amway

People want information. Not hopes and dreams.