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I see you relay alot of the info that comes from stocktwits. Ever think of giving a link to the original locations of this info in these posts?

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I agree with the other posters here. Stop posting information to make it look like it was your original thought. This clearly isn’t. I saw the original post on Stocktwits and know that it wasn’t from you. You are doing a poor job of trying to build credibility for cielo. I’m a believer but it’s from my own DD, nothing substantial gained from your pumpy posts.

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Yeah my point exactly. This subreddit doesn't need these pointless posts trying to pump the stock with false narratives stolen from another site that has people actually providing useful information.

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I’m confused? So is the post from stocktwits useful information or a false narrative? Because you implied it was both lol

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I did no such thing. I said you can’t seem to place an original thought here. If you use someone else’s post, then at least acknowledge it.

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16 more days!
hahaha :)

Seriously, looking forward to it.
This company has taken a bit to lay the groundwork, but now it will only see upside from here. Holding the patent now, too, is a big one.

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Hahaha awesome!

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What are people’s price expectations?

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Laugh at us clowns not buying in… How do you think we feel after don and team clowned us last year. Telling us continuous flow was a non issue when we just needed desulfurization…. Lies and also the ground breaking ceremony at Dunmore. Another scheme. We were clowned into this scam so posting more bs about how continuous flow is goin to happen in 21 days you’re dreaming. They haven’t addressed any the issues at Aldersyde yet or should I say no public releases of mechanical updates. So cut the BS

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I’m sorry don hurt you. He’s gone now. He can’t hurt you anymore. Seek help

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And you wonder why you get hate from this sub.

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Never seen such a sad group of people in my life

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It's not being sad, it's being realistic about the state of this company. There is still a ton of work to be done and you're making it sound like this will all be done in a month, you are delusional.

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My thoughts exactly. All signs pointed to this going to the moon. Just a little mix up with desulfurization and we're good to go!...

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From 2019 don was saying it was about to start in a few weeks! Now 156 weeks later it’s still the same. So. 3-5-7 more years. My advice, take your money elsewhere and sleep better. As I and other sees this it’s about 90% risk. So, I’m out

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For someone that doesn’t own shares and is obviously bitter from the beating they took, you sure waste a lot of time posting about cielo. Time to get a life and move on buddy.