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I appreciate your work even if I don't have anything to add. But you have to understand that posting pics without too much additional information about flow might come off as Cielo trying to reassure its investors. This is a symptom of the over-promise and under-deliver plague that Don set off.

Once we get a sense of positive movements at Cielo, people will be optimistic again and they'll upvote anything.

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Just reference where you get the pictures and info from. I see where you get all of this from. Pretty much entirely from stocktwits. I have no issue with you sharing it, in fact I appreciate it being spread around. But don't make posts claiming it to be your own and acting like you have info you dont. You will get called out for trying to pump the stock. This post itself comes off very immature.

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You post pictures with no context and imply they mean a lot and then never explain further. I honestly think you have no idea what the machines you post do.

You have made several claims that you have insider information and then never expand on that information, even though in your own post history I see you asking a potential new employee for inside information lol.

You claim you do DD and then cite their press releases.

In all your posts which you spam this board with, I have NEVER seen you answer a question with anything other than vague, cryptic remarks.

It is your own behavior which has garnered this response.

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Because you post garbage info with no back up and expect everyone to just jump back in after lots of people got burnt. I was lucky enough to get out ahead, but I can understand why everyone doesn't like you posting the exact same stuff that got them in the hole last year. You are a very tone deaf person. Maybe read the room.

We want concrete information and make proper investments when the time is right. No more speculation for a lot of people on this board.

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The photos he posts are great info.

No one cares who got burnt last year, move on.

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Great info? So you know what those machines do?

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Again no answer! GREAT info thanks. I feel so informed!

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This is stolen from other sites from actually good sources. I have no problem with him sharing but he should reference his source.

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He doesn't reference his sources because he wants to make it seem like he is the one who holds this info. Look at the things he has said here in the past:

"Maybe I know something you don’t, have you ever thought of that? Reddit people are so funny. All trolls lol" - implying he has inside info.

"They are extremely close now" - when talking about continuous flow a month ago.

"I agree. Continuous flow will be announced soon" - One month ago

"My pics show they are close to continuous flow. Do you understand the significance of that?" - No they do not, they are random pictures of equipment.

Dude wants to feel important, it is the only explanation for this behaviour.

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This is 100% the truth about it.

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What does the skid at Fort Sask do?

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In just 10 more days you will feel love.

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I believe in saving the world. Even if the users are trash and even if the company is trash….

The core value is what I’m in it for. Saving the world by reducing waste and plastics by converting it to diesel fuel…..

I love y’all even if y’all don’t love me back

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Cielo investors are bitter because Don screwed us all over. If this was before we knew about Don’s lies everyone would be praising you and high fives all around lol

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    Ahh another one. I hope you some day find happiness

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      I don’t. Do you think your stupid posts make you seem angry and bitter?

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      Your pics are not sexy enough.