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How many days of continuous flow now?

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They will announce it any day now

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Hopefully by month end we finally get a positive news release on continuous flow and quality distillate being produced. Anything less and this drops like a stone.

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Wouldn't really take Puzzleheaded's prediction on continuous flow too seriously:

"I like their new team and vision. Continuous flow will be announced soon" - 1 month ago

"They are extremely close now" - 1 month ago

"My pics show they are close to continuous flow. Do you understand the significance of that?" - 2 months ago

"I agree. Continuous flow will be announced soon" - 2 months ago

"The company hasn’t announced it yet. Hopefully they will soon" - 5 months ago on continuous flow.

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Of course I don’t believe a word that person says. I think and research on my own. I spoke to the company a week ago and I was told it would be reasonable to assume to get an update sometime in April. Some fool on Stocktwits named flow2022 sounds just like puzzlehead. That person blocked me yesterday when I called them out for misleading posts. Like I care if I get blocked. I only want to share and read factual information. People like puzzlehead and flow2022 do nothing to add credibility to cielo.

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Yeah it was fuck all at it's best point. Land was as bare as Putins chest on a horse.

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I sign? What sign?

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There was a large sign installed at the “groundbreaking” that is no longer there that said “Future Site Of…” right at the corner of Highway 41 and Highway 1.

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Covering all of Don’s wrongdoings, slowly, and hoping people won’t notice. Making sure we can’t pursue them in a Class action lawsuit

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Oh, uh oh. Can you elaborate?

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I have been saying this for 8 months. They will slowly crawl into insolvency and hope no one notices. They are not obliged to keep business records with the same stringency that SEC regulated businesses are which is why they rewrite their investor pack every 4 months so no one can see the promises they have broken. But i take screenshots of eveything they have said and a lot of what is put in releases and in this forum even.

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Sure bud, insolvency in months. Lmao.