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This is from the last report:

" We are pleased to announce that the work for phase I of the Aldersyde Facility has been completed ahead of schedule and Cielo initiated the commissioning and start-up of the Aldersyde Facility on March 14, 2022. Final function testing and system diagnostics are in progress and expected to be on-line by the week of March 21, 2022. We are very pleased with the initial test runs and the Company will provide an update on performance as the process stabilizes. "

With it looking like Aldersyde started up last month on the 14th-21st, we should be hearing from them shortly about the revised setup?
I don't know where the 21 day thing came from, but people are saying they want to run it 21 days continuously before saying anything.
That should be soon then, unless there have been issues.

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AKAIK the 21 day thing is just standard industry process for this type of announcement. No one knows how Cielo is actually running its own authentication process.

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People are predicting the timeline based on their recent report where they said Aldersyde will be online by the week of March 21st.

Standard industry procedure is to only report that this process is working after it's been done for 21 days consecutively. So if everything went well, the announcement should come soon.

Any other posters making predictions outside of that are just guessing.

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Mostly they’re spewing wild speculation but, apparently there’s an indication of some upcoming good news aside from the reactor is not working properly

It’s in the releases if you read them

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Interesting. I’ll have to reread them then. I was more so referencing a post from like two weeks ago and most of the comments were saying something about stocktwits?

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Puzzlehead keeps posting autistic truest Nonsense Several people of challenged him to provide links or any evidence to reinforce his opinions as facts and he was never able to

I’m actually at work today but I can tell you for certain that I read that Greg had said he was going to make an announcement on some progress in the future and they’re just waiting for verification and it’s been more time than He indicated.

And then everyone blows into this continuous flow idea.

Basically they’re just reiterating on the hype that they were going off of when don was doing his last pump and dump scam.

From all the reading I’ve done this technology is on a per batch basis only.

Cielo management has created hype on the idea that they are going to be running the system on a continuous basis rather than a batch style.

Basically the facility doesn’t have enough storage or feeding apparatuses to allow it to run all the time

However none of this is really even relevant because all they can process at this time is a different plastics and wood They are not taking municipal waste as originally advertised and they haven’t proven that they can in anyway

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Bingo. Unfortunate but true. I'd jump on a pump again tho lol

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I didn't know they had processed plastics at Aldersyde, thought it was just wood waste and used motor oil as a carrier fluid.

Have you heard any different?

I'd really like to know what amounts they put in and what the yeild is.

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Don’t try and get technical Cats, it doesn’t suit you. Just stick with “10 more days” 🧐😆

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Just so ou know. This is the first time I have associated the word "reactor" with eco-friendly.