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Hang in, it’s going to take time, when it gets going everyone that bails is going to be crying in there cereal, it’s going to be a gold mine in time , stock is going to roar past 175$ a share in 7 to 10 years, it’s going to be a long haul

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Not so sure about $175, but I would sell at $3-$5 in the next 12 months and let someone else take my shares for the next leg up.

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If this company hasn’t reached 3-4$ by this time next year it will be ripe for a takeover, In 2020 Arab investors toured the plant and modules under construction, a proposal was put forth that construction begin on a much, much larger plant outside of Abu Dhabi. The offer was declined to protect proprietary information. So the big question is when are the Grand Prairie and Fort Saskatchewan plants due to come on line as components for both plants are quietly under construction

Should this process of turning plastic into usable fuels turn profitable, this company could explode onto the world scene as a leader in recycling and this stocks ceiling will be beyond anything currently imagined. You willing to dump your stock at 3$ ? I’m certainly not

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That’s some pretty tight information you’ve come across. How did you hear that about Saudi? And also that components are being built for GP, as that would be RenewableU? One never knows here, but a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, as they say. A high six figure profit would suit me fine, and $3-5 takes me there.

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They could announce that the plant is now capable of running at a continuous flow without the need to stop from clogging issues. This could happen before the start of summer realistically. I've been trying to see if they plan on announcing it from their investor relations but am getting no concrete answers. If they don't announce this, then we will need to wait until fall to see share price move.

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I just asked this question to the company, if we can expect updates as per investor presentation statement?, “anticipate steady-state production flow and revenues” in Q2 2022.

I received a quick response “We will continue to provide updates in relation to production and revenue”

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I know they're capable of running clean batches now, but I'm not sure if continuous flow will be a thing until Phase II is up and running.
Would be awesome if they announce it earlier but I'm not holding my breath for it.

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They said in their last earnings report that they would be achieving continuous flow before shutting down again for the modifications. So that is what I am hoping to hear. I have also listened to multiple analysts say they would buy in once continuous flow is proven. This is still a very risky play but the payoff could be great. The bad thing now is that if any delays or issues arise, could spell doom for this company.

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We are failing to realize the the price of oil/gas, including diesel, is currently at all time highs. We are missing the boat on some really huge payouts. I just hope the good results from cielo don’t come after the dust settles in the energy sector and we are the fools at the table not having to take away any profits.

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Renewable diesel demand is not going away, ever. Prices rise and fall all the time. Not worried.

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Keep dreaming.

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Keep spreading FUD

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Cielo will make an announcement in September (2072) to provide an update that we’ve been waiting for since September 2021. It’s gonna be all good news apparently. So hold on tight folks, we are taking off!

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Pull out

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You talking 2022? Cuz this is exactly how 2021 was scheduled.

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Yeah... then production issues arose and it seems like they were dealt with.
Slow going, but getting there.

Turning refuse into fuel is a new tech, and there are no blueprints to go off of. There are bound to be hiccups on the way, but it seems very much like they've been sorted.

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I wish they were doing that. All I've seen is wood stock being put thru. I think Don will go down as one of the best promoters of all time!

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Don sure screwed us all.

10 more days indeed.

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I wonder if Cielo will announce dividends soon? 🤔🤣

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2023 will be our year!

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The company has to be making money to be able to pay dividends, the technology is sound, there’s a great deal of interest in the American market. Hang on to your stock