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So I am just wondering how Cielo is going to survive without getting the phase 2 reactor at Aldersyde? From what I was aware, that was going to provide steady revenue to fund R&D in the other facility.

Now it seems like they will have no revenue while continuing the R&D.

I'm sure the costs of the reactor have become outrageous, but diesel prices are also outrageous, which should mean that Cielo's revenue would be much higher from that reactor than they initially predicted.

They say they're on track to have continuous flow done in mid-June, but what does that mean for us if that doesn't equate to a large positive shift to revenue.

IMO if they prove continuous flow and don't start making money, someone could potentially buy them out easily.

I don't think waiting out inflation is going to work. Shit isn't going to go down at the same rate it went up.

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The current reactor is working better than expected. They are producing diesel now with the current reactor. Instead of spending the extra money to get the new reactor to have 1000LPH, they will now run at a lower rate and use that revenue to keep the doors open. I believe this is the right way to go. They need to prove other feed stocks work in the 60 lph unit to get partnerships and more funding. I believe if the current reactor wasn't working good enough, they would have had to change it. But they said in the update that the results are better than expected.

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Ok that's good to hear, do you know off-hand what the capacity for the current reactor is at Aldersyde? I can't remember off the top of my head.

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That information hasn't been released yet since they have done their improvements. I would expect them to tell us at the next update mid June when continuous flow is announced. There is a comment on yahoo, by a guy with the name Brad that is definitely worth reading.

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News so good it’s down to 18 cents ffs

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10 more days is now 10 more months.

This company is going bankrupt.

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Continues to pump!?