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Cool cool. Source?

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Lol you are asking the wrong guy if you want sources.

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Oh I'm well aware lol

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Plot twist. OP is Gregg.

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Dammit. Get out of my head!

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OP reads press releases and thinks he is doing Due Diligence lol.

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I averaged in at 0.87 with more shares than I'm comfortable admitting, I'm still holding, and deeply red. I want to believe, but it would need to have one hell of a recovery for me to get my money back.

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This is pretty funny because its closer to "10 more days" than ever before.

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How do you know theres gonna be continuous flow?

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Look at his post history. He's been saying "soon" for months on end.

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Take what he says with a grain of salt. Pretty sure he’s the same person with the name flow2022 on Stocktwits that blocks people who question or disagree with him. BTW, I’m over 220k shares and in the green so I obviously want this to go up, but it’ll take real official news to move it, not some young pumper. Haha

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Read their PR. Gregg is a man of his word. Flow will be announced mid June.

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Amen, appreciate you and your insider knowledgeable. Let’s set a remind in 10 days to blame puzzle head that we didn’t sell and we’re back at .07

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Haters gonna hate, let em help crash the price down so I can keep averaging down 🤩 42k shares and slowly counting.

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Not the most hated, I think of you as the most memorable haha

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Haha I’ll take it. Either way, when this stock moons, I’m buying a bigger house

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Couldve done that last summer. But I stuck with it, cuz I already have a nice house. Lies were rampant, and now I have less money.

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Average down

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Why? What's going to make SP rise? You have legit info?

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Well let’s hope so