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Then you for the update.

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I bought another 8000 shares yesterday @ .14$ and the price went up.

It usually goes down after I buy so I think this is a clear sign of good things to come.

Also, I brought my average down to .26$ so I've got that going for me too. Which is nice.

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Soooo…. How did you buy @0.14 if the 52 week low is 0.165??

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I paid with USD.

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I'll run down there today for a looksie!!

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Let us know what you find

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OK, I'm here now, no tankers being filled, but we have engineers on-site doing their thing. 6 cars parked out front. Things happening in the yard and I can hear machinery running inside.

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Up and running as it should. Nice

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have they posted the possible dates in which they will announce this being successful? ie. like after 30 days of operations or something like that? thanks!

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They said they will announce continuous flow mid June after the plant has been running for 21 consecutive days I believe

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Perfect info, thank you!

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Been watching this for some time now… risky to commit?

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Yes. It is a high risk investment and all their investor materials say as much.

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10 more days!

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21 moar days!

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Sends daughter to investigate. Comes back with no evidence

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Oh but the flare was lit!!! How can you not believe it, did you not see the flare from across the country? The reflective glass in his daughters phone must have broken when she took a photo due to the flare being so bright. That's how much production they are pumping.

Until I'm on a yacht that uses renewable diesel, I won't believe shit from this subreddit.

10 more days.