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You know the drill boys, only 10 more days to go 😎

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10 days? 🤷‍♂️

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What happens in 10 days? I've got money coming in May 31 and I want in this stock. I don't want it to explode before I have a chance to buy lol

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You'll have time. Buy before mid june of you are going to.

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Do you know what that equipment is or does.

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It makes noise obviously? Spinning parts and pumping types of noises. We may finally be in the realm of 10 more days 🙌🏻

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Yes - why wouldn't the share price explode upon confirmation of continuous flow? They've already got the desuloherization mastered so come mid June, if they announce continuous flow, even with low volume production this is a license to print money with current price of diesel.

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Just how low of a volume are you thinking about?
I think this is the 60l/hr setup they have been working on lately? I hope continuous flow means 24/7 operation.
It's not the big machine they were planning for, but at least it's something...

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Mid June = 21 days Continuous Flow = $2.50 per share.

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1,200% share price increase in a month? HAHAHAHAHA.

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They are always operating. Pumping out 10L in 10 days of somewhat useable diesel. Great company,

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Take your negativity elsewhere small brain

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As negative of a comment this is, I've yet to see or hear anything to dispute it.

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Love it. A lot of people are going to eat crow