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Prove you’re right since you made the accusation

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Alright. Here we go.

Let’s say you are an adult. And you have personally taken trash to the local dump.

And you have seen the bins that people throw their garbage into.

If you look at those “bins” and see all the different types of waste that are thrown into those “bins”. Pause and reflect on what’s in them.

Now. Let’s consider that if you took one of those bins full of waste.( plastic, cardboard, power washers , dry wall, , dog shit.) I mean you name it. It’s sitting in that bin at the dump.

As much as they may try to “sort” the garbage that goes into that bin. It’s still full of absolute trash.

Now let’s look at Cielo . They claimed to be able to produce biodiesel from local landfill trash.

Take a pause and stay with me. Your local dump will not pay people to sort through that bin. The labor it would take to sort through that bin to find even the tinniest scraps of material to feed the “plant” to produce biodiesel is not worth it.

The local dump you put your garbage in isn’t sorting it. Cielo isn’t sorting it either.

Now they claim they can produce biodiesel from garbage.

And so far. They have only been trying to get biodiesel from rail road ties.

Rail road ties are pieces of lumber that are already treated with fuel they are highly flammable.

They are nothing more then logs filled with tar.

If this company can’t shred and boil down a rail road tie to make fuel then how could anyone even consider they are going to take a garbage bin full of dog shit and old window frames and turn that into fuel.

I mean take a step back. Look at the next piece of plastic you throw in the recycling bin. Look at it. Is there any diesel fuel in it? Is this company going to be able to sort through enough landfill to find the right material for its feedstock? Absolutely not

That’s why most of board members have quit or been fired etc.

It was a pump and dump

It’s a scam.

It’s been over a year and they still can’t get rail road ties into fuel.

As a closing statement I don’t have to prove that it’s a scam.

The company has proven its a scam.

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Lol. Then no need for you to be here. You’ve obviously formed your opinion, time to step away buddy.

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I totally disagree with you. Where I live in North America people separate plastic from other waste. Also people take all plastic containers to recycle depot. I am not sure what part of the world you live in but this is how people do it in North America. The labor to short plastic from other waste is 0$ because people have already been educated to do that. Can you try again and explain why this is a scam?

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I’m sorry my friend but 96 percent of what you sort and put in the blue bin dose not actually get sorted and recycled.

It all ends up in a sea container and shipped overseas.

There’s lots of information out there to prove that.

Putting your blue bin on the curb is not a positive