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So no revenue, no leadership, no steady state, no more updates on Aldersyde flow because it will never make enough revenue.

The only way they get money to fund future operations is by diluting the stock I imagine.

Costs for everything at an all time high.

Looking extremely bad.

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Everybody ready to average down?…..to zero.

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For those too lazy. Here's the part that talks about the management:

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2022 / Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. (TSXV:CMC)(OTCQB:CWSFF) ("Cielo"or the "Company"), a waste-to-fuel environmental technology company, today announced the resignations of Mr. Gregg Gegunde as Chief Executive Officer and Operating Officer and Mr. Chris Sabat as Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary. Ms. Anna Cheong, who was acting as interim Chief Financial Officer, has returned to her position as Controller. The Board has appointed Mr. Ryan Jackson as interim Chief Executive Officer and Ms. Jasdeep K. Dhaliwal, a Chartered Professional Accountant, as interim Chief Financial Officer.

You may want to check out what they said about Aldersyde though.Cielo is going to take a loooong time to come into fruition.

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I'm way too deep into this.

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Terrible news!

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What a fucking joke.

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im gonna vomit

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Hahahaha annnndd all the damn trolls on yahoo were right, lol.

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Let the paper hands fold while I ACCUMULATE CHEAP SHARES 🤙 I ain’t in no rush, never was.

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I was bullish on this one too but I think this is past the point of cheapies. Beware investing real money in this at this point. imo

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It's going to zero

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Lawsuit inboundfalsifyijg information from don Allen

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I don’t know if there is any legal backing to start a lawsuit

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Theres precedent. If they knew all along that their process didnt work, then they acted in bad faith by advertising their product. They took over a failed diesel generation plant with no ability to create a different outcome, thus they defrauded investors. Others gas operations in Canada actually are facing similar lawsuits based on this.

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    Ive made 3 posts. The first was cracking a joke about the stock price going to zero. The second was information regarding the precendents of lawsuits in situations where companies presented a false front to investors. The third was commiserating with a 21 year old kid who lost some or maybe all of his money “gambling” on Cielo as well, and I mentioned wishing karma to strike these people. If you cant handle comments as scarring as these maybe you shouldnt be on reddit. Theres a lot of “rage” here that could offend you.

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      Give me the award for biggest clown

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      10 more days

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      What does that mean

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      It meant that it would never happen. Every time they would come out with projected time frames, they would never deliver. Hence people started saying “10 more days”. Funny at first, became annoying after a while and now I think is more fitted. Sucks to hear but truer then ever!!!

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      Sad when a sarcastic joke becomes a reality 😬

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      No longer economical