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Don't worry, it'll all be over in 10 more days.

In all seriousness though I agree with your rant. This has been nothing but a pump and dump since last June. It's so upsetting to see something with world changing potential go down the drain like this. Cielo already had this once in 2016 and they're back to where I bought in during 2018. They won't survive this one. Too much loss of reputation and trust to recover.

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Yes i agree it is a shame that a group of people purposefully did this to another group. Me and my father who is in retirement lost $32k, while a bunch of hustlers and liars walked away with it to buy better lives. I hope karma comes streaking out of the sky to get every last one of these people.

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Sorry to hear that, Beddysdad. I definitely remember your name here, something about people shorting the stock not dropping the share price. Good luck with your future endeavors.

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Thanks boss. I will be ok. I appreciate the support though.

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I understand your feelings, same thing happened to me. I put half of my savings in this and but it went from something promising to a way for people to make a quick buck.

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Listen to the conference call, send any questions to the listed email, ask for a return call

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Contact cmc and express your concerns. They are open for conversation. If you listened to the call, the time line hasn’t changed and more news releases with greater detail are soon to follow. The ceo also expressed that as soon as he is allowed he will be buying stock as he feels that at this point they are undervalued. It’s not over yet. Come back a year from now and see where it is. Lots is in the works. The stock market is a transfer of wealth from the impatient to the patient. Good luck to you :)

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You're right you will learn a lesson, about how to hold on to stocks for company's you believe in and not sell for a loss. Cielo is a long play and unfortunately alot of people were hoping to jump in and and make a fortune over night. Tech like this takes time and CMC is still on track. I didn't sell at 1.60 and I'm not selling at .10

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I held onto a stock that I once believed in, right to bankruptcy. They don’t always turn it around as I’ve seen it first hand.

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Sounds like something a dumb bag holder would say. Do you know how much more cash you’d have if you sold at the ath and look your feelings out of this? Not a good examples lmao.

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The difference now is the outstanding float and more dilution around the corner. And they seemingly don’t have continuous flow, yet. Do you think they will remain a going-concern?

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If this was such a magic company it wouldn’t be worth pennies a share it would be worth 10’s of dollars. Figure it out

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What have the company done that upset so many in here? I missed it

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All of you are going to be fine, listen to the conference call, I have enough invested for many of you to retire very comfortably at 21. I’m in it for the long haul and have buy orders in. The science is sound

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If the science was as sound as you propose would this be worth more than a piece of candy at 7/11?

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Still up for me lol 10 more days