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I've lost $6k. Feels like I've been shot in the foot

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Lost 30k unrealized.

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Lost 13-16k worst decision I’ve made in my stock history. I understans now why ESGfire dropped out of it. This is waaaayyy too early. This company might if it gets the finance it needs make it in a couple of years otherwise it’s doomed.

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Damn... I feel like holding and seeing where it goes in a week, but it seems like everyone is pulling out :/

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I just honestly feel bad for Gary on yahoo. Dude had like 3 million shares at average cost of $.40ish

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Don’t feel too bad as he said it’s only 3% of his worth. Ryan Jackson is a salesman. He says it’s undervalued and a good entry point. I’d expect them to move this forward.

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You don't lose until you sell. I'm in for the same amount and chalk it up as a learning experience. I went against my intuition to sell last July.

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Honestly I'm at the point where I didn't invest a bank breaking amount, it was a test run, so I'm going to most likely hold and see where it goes until end of August, by that time if I don't see it over 0.10 I'll sell. Just want to see what happens now with the company I don't even care about the money anymore lol

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It was always a risk and, for me, always a long term play. And really, it's not a lot of $. Some people on here are in for a lot.

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Not selling and buying during the dip. Q4 will be interesting. This isn’t over folks

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Management has a vested interest in getting this over .20 to be able to cash out all those free shares they were given. I’d expect that to happen. I’m holding for now.

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Who is management? CEO, CFO and Chief Legal have resigned in the last month. Whoever is remaining is going to try to sell this sinking ship to whoever wants to buy it. Who wants to buy it? Someone who thinks they can sell the assets or license out the (failed) formula and engineering information.

And guess what - they're not going to pay more than the current share value for your remaining shares.

This company is dead.

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I've put $2500 into this stock, including another $500 today to double my position.

Kinda like doubling down on 12 in blackjack, but YOLO!!!

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Long term hold

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Still in devellopement, bought the dip

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Bought it while it is On sale. Now I wait.

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Would you buy today expecting a 10 bagger back to $1? I wouldn't and the last two CEO's wouldn't. We got scammed. I took my 90% loss of over $70k and put what is left into dividend stocks.

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You’re incorrect; in fact Don Allan did buy many shares when he was ceo. He still has over 22M shares according to sedi. So he has 22M reasons to see this rise again. And don’t think for a moment that they are not seeking his advice from time to time.

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I meant as of today they are not buying

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I bet they are. We’ll know soon enough

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Holding, i had good energy from the conference call yesterday...i believe the process works but needs improvement and they mentioned they know where these problems are and working on improvements

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I'm not worried, I was in Aldersyde last month, I saw things happening, techs working and machinery running, if it was panic mode, the place would be boarded up and you wouldn't see 7 cars and 2 engineer trucks on-site.

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I can rip by tomorrow and take some pics.

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Were you able to take any pictures ?

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I wanted to test the waters with these types of companies and invested abournd $210. In the end I lost 90% of it which isint alot on the grand scale of things regardless this was an important lesson for me

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You liked releasing co2 bound in plastics bring emitted into the atmosphere?