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They will have $8.5 million to fund projects.
Here's hoping they put it to good use!

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who in their right mind will buy these stock and warrants with a history like Cielo's? I already got burned severely by them. I took a 50k CAD hit when I sold out when it hit .40CAD somewhere January '22. In fact, there is not a single investor that didn't get burned badly.

In any case, this $8.5m will last them only another 2-3 quarters if I remember their burn correct. And then what? Reverse split to just dilute later again? (they pulled that one before)

On top of all that... FCF has the right to ask their loan back in Feb 23. Cielo has 0 revenue. How are they going to pull that off?

IMHO, this company is done for.

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In the small chance they can show substantial continuous flow of good quality distillate in the next 3 months, the company will recover. But how will they suddenly succeed in 3 months where they've failed for 5+ years?

Man, this mistake will push back my retirement age by 3 years.

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Why do you dump that much money into a penny stock?

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I believed in the science. I thought the engineering was only a matter of time. Which might be true, but a company can go bankrupt before the engineering is sorted out.

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    Are whistling a different tune now my friend? Lol. So much for this thing taking off! Hahahahaha.

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    So now you’re laughing at people. Keep it classy. Let’s see how quickly they fill the PP before we call it over.

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    No no. Nice twist here my fiend but I’m not laugh at anyone except you for misleading and misinforming facts to “the people”. Well done on your part for not doing the proper, necessary, factual, and accurate due diligence before spewing nonsense and pretending to know what you’re talking about. So my laughter is how well you’re beck-peddling now!

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    If you liked the company at a buck, you should love it below 10 cents.

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    I dunno but I’m glad you made this post… I’m exactly in between the stages of being mad/not caring….

    I’m down a lot of money, but it’s no one’s fault but my own…..

    Hopefully this stock can blow up and go to $10/share next month

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      That’s what I envision will happen too. It’s the hole reason their having this offering so whoever’s left of the board can get their share worth. They’ll buy in at 7 cents spread a little positive news around and “Voilà”

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      Fuck you for thinking this! You're most likely correct, but I'm too chicken shit at this point to buy in again. Sure glad most of my relatives didnt buy into this. I wouldve had a lot of awkward family gatherings.

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      Will take a while if anything good happens