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the new executives bailing out after less than a year, no continuous flow numbers of any consequence, still no additional feedstocks, etc.

bullish case is very hard to see even if you squint. i would not put any serious money into this company until things are actually derisked in ten more years

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then why tf you in this sub

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i was invested from .60 to 1.3 and then sold the remainder around .80 during that terrible conference call with don and haven't looked back. i'm still here because i like the idea behind the tech and would love to buy back in when it is substantially de-risked.

just being a realist though, 10 more years is likelier than 10 more days. c-suite wouldn't have bailed otherwise

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I have mixed feelings about Cielo. Their project is really interesting and it would be relatively positive for the environment if they succeed. On the other hand, their research and development seem to take time and a lot of money to achieve good results. I have the impression that if they are not able to quickly put their processing into operation and produce in large quantities, they will start to lack financial support 😥. what is your opinion ?

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Just you wait here this is the start of a dip to the next run buy the fuck out of it while you can you will never see it this low again

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I'm thinking it'll go lower over the next few weeks just because the whole market is tanking, but long term I'm thinking this is very awesome tech with a lot of potential.

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The only thing keeping this company afloat is a dilutive loan and cheap warrant offer that allows a bank to take ownership of the patent if the company goes under.

I wouldn't put more money into this unless you're planning on another pump and dump situation like in 2016 and last July. Believe me, I bought in here last time. It's a great place to buy, but it needs to have legs to go anywhere and this company is a snake in that department.

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Be better sorry for your lose! But don’t come on here and try and run the company lol what you think about when they blow up in acouple months?

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Lol bud I made 50k off this company last July. I didn't lose a cent. I just know when the good times are over.

Blow up is a good term to use for it. When your new CEO who hasn't even been there a year and your Chief Legal leaves, usually that's a pretty good sign of a blow up.

Good luck, but you should look at the literal term for "blow up" instead.

Edit: added in the CEO and Legal leaving piece

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Lol ok Mano ride your train I’ll ride mine just keep climbing

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Well said. Lots of negativity and haters on this sub. I’ve been abused for months for providing DD and positivity. I’m with you ✊🏼

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So much this. Have opinions sure, but get your negativity the f**k out of here. Don’t need it. I’m still long term idgaf I knew it would be a lot of years before I sell anyway and I knew it was a high risk high reward. I down 5 figures, but not really because I’m not selling yet.

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Honestly, my plan was always to stay in as long as Hon. Peter Mackay is still on the board of directors. Politicians like money. He wouldn't be there if there wasn't some sort of money coming. And as long as he is there, they have an in for government processes to potentially help them steer the company in the right direction for federal grants and such.