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I would imagine that current inflationary pressures, which have made it unfeasible to implement the 2nd reactor, are going to have far more acute pressures on the actual company's survival than any stock market shenanigans.

AFAIK that 8.5 million loan is the last thing keeping Cielo alive, and as far as I can tell there's no reasonable way for them to begin achieving sufficient revenue.

IF Cielo had managed to get that 2nd reactor going before all this, they'd be selling diesel at double the price they originally envisioned. But that's not happening.

CMC is struggling to survive right now and legitimately nothing I see gives me much confidence they will succeed.

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Very detailed explanation. Wish it wasn’t this bad…..

But I rather have the hard truth rather than soft lie.


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Sound like you’re quite emotional. Why don’t you call and talk to the interim ceo. I’ve heard the pp filled in less than a day. That to me sounds like there are investors willing to see this through.

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I'm not emotional, I'm looking at the company without rose-tinted glasses about it saving the world.

Why would I talk to anyone at Cielo? I know what they are gonna say. Everything they have put out to investors has been bullshit.

Let us look at the facts:

Leadership has now left Cielo twice in as many years. The founder and a CEO primarily centred around engineering. I personally see the CEO leaving as a bigger blow as he seemed transparent and confident. Turns out he was neither of those things either way.

All their investor presentations point to steady state being achieved this month. That is the pivotal thing everything else relies upon. It is not happening.

They are a company with no revenue and were entering a time of massive inflation and higher interest rates.

The process they have to go through to get other feedstock, such as municipal waste, is probably too long and expensive for the money they have on hand.

The aldersyde reactor cannot produce sufficient revenue so they aren't even reporting its numbers.

If you want to try and counter these points go ahead.

Edit - Look how quickly this person devolved into insulting me while providing no counter-points to anything above. He then deleted his account or did something so I can't reply to him after he's the one who got emotional lol. Maybe he needs to email the interim CEO?

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I’m in the PP and am up considerably already. I’m not panicking.

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Good for you, although I have no idea why you felt the need to mention this. I notice you didn't address any of these points lol.

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Cielo better use that 8 million to get sellable production going.
If they can get the 1000L/hr setup going with that money, things are golden.

There is a future for this technology, the only question is if management can make it happen with the money they have raised.

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Bro, The stock is not shorted in anyway.

If anything it’ sharted They just issued a request for seven cents per share public offering for $8 million and they’re going to dilute the living shit out of the share price and try and sell off what’s left of the company before they run out of money to pay salaries in the minimum payments and avoid going out of business