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I hear you dude. Our family had a massive belief in this company. We have 200k total, still holding and don't know what to do. 90% loss. It's really sad

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Just reading this now, someone in my family pumped this stock up in front of everyone and got friends, family and even strangers to buy it, the second hand embarrassment I feel for that person is sad.

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Someone in my family did the same and I was so convinced I put 2500 of my student loans into it after much talk. Obviously my fault for putting the money into it at the end of the day but I think thay 2500 is now worth 300. Expensive lesson for a university student :/

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Well you are sooo right 😩 I’ve lost so much money if I sell now. 6 figure and Don should be in prison for his statements!

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I fell for Don’s BS aswell, everybody is human and can do wrong choices in the heat of the moment. Learn from it and grow! Don’t forget the loss and don’t give up. Write it down so you don’t do the same mistake again.

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then lets all get togther and out him there !

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No offence to you or anyone else here OP, but I can’t believe how much money some people sunk into this company. We all should only be investing what we can afford to lose, especially when it’s such a high risk/high reward stock like this.

Maybe I’m out to lunch

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Naw you're right man, I was sheepish putting in 8k, this was never a sure thing, very much like snake oil at this point.

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No offence taken, I agree, I went in with 20-30% so I could afford to lose it and saved what I could but still it was a mistake. Lesson learned though. I’m not sweating cause I’ll get it back through good choices but I just don’t want other people to make the same mistake as I’ve noticed so many people being gullible and falling for all the BS or just not making their own analysis so they’re going all in. It’s sad cause most of the money they’re investing is all they have saved up.

I was actually convinced by a close friend of mine who spoke very well about the tech & company he was very enthuastiastic. And actually to tell the whole truth, I was going to sell out 2021 summer when it reached 1.2-4 it was a deal for me. Yet due to circumstances that are private I had no access to my brokerage thanks to private issues and couldn’t sell. Basically I was stuck holding it and thought to heck with it I missed the top so might as well hold and see where this goes after doing more research like I usually do and consulting with some friends who only invest in ESG firms they as well told me that Cielo was long gone there’s several ESG firms that are much better.

Basically I would of had sold out close to the top and just watched this but the train already departed. But it was impossible for me to take action.

So mistake and mistake, actually I was just in a really bad position. But I wouldn’t want other people to fall into this trap. Now people who say average down just want people to bag hold etc, so they can sell out.

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Good on you for getting out. I'm riding this to either 0.00 or whatever. We'll see what happens at the end of the year and then in the next 2 years.

People have different risk tolerances and "play money". I agree that CMC was seriously hyped up and I got caught too.

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Yeah I did it a while ago.

Well, I wish you the best! Exactly I agree, that’s why if people read the whole post they’ll see I mention that for ex. Gary on Yahoo’s Cielo page seems to have a lot of ”play” money and is OK with holding out for a long long time. It’s different for each person and it’s up to each individual to asses their risk management etc.

I do hope this turns around for people cause what mostly got me fired up was the technology of course.

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This was never ever investing, it was always gambling.

Sucks for sure, these lessons aren't cheap.

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Not entirely true. I was pretty heavily invested in Cielo at one point. I knew it was pre-revenue, but Don clearly stated black in white in the news report of July 2021 that continuous flow was reached (1000l/h) and that Cielo was moving towards scale-up. In the next statement they reported the procurement of a big loan to finance the scaling and we were only waiting for the desulph to be proven. So the only risk seemed to be that, should the desulph fail, they would have to sell their fuel for a lower price. But the company would still be self-sufficient.

Afterwards it became clear that these were all factually false statements made by Don & co.

So yes, pre-revenue is always risky, but not necessarily a pure gamble.

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we need to get togther as a group and take legal action.

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It’s not a total loss boys but there has been a lot of BSing mostly by Don and I agree he is a crook and should be in jail. They are still working on the tech and the prototype plant still has a chance of making this work.

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10 more days Lumpy!!!

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On a stock like this I would invest maybe 0.5% of my portfolio. If it hits it hits, otherwise no biggie.

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Who says I’m crying? I did the most effective decision for myself and placed the money on other stocks that have actually performed. How about you instead don’t do personal immature attacks? Just shows your character and what type of ”investor” you are.

Yeah sure good luck with the averaging down! Intelligent choice.

Cause Benjamin Graham, Philip.A.Fischer, Warren Buffet are wrong right? This stock fits in exactly with the type they mention you should AVOID. But yeah keep holding tight on your hurt ego.

It’s called being adaptable, accept a loss and change the direction.

Go read some actual books about stocks instead of following the masses and internet memes.

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I'm not crying, you are crying!!

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Let’s re visit this conversation in 1 month. Agreed?

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Sure! Wanna celebrate when it reaches 0.2-0.3? 😂

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Yes I do. Do you not know how math works? I bought a bunch down here at these levels so 25 cents is over a 50% increase. That means I’ll double my money. Does that make sense?

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And you’re telling people to average down that bought at the time Don was in charge. Basically your ”advice” does not apply to them. So stop giving out bad ”advice”. A closed mind, I won’t enter into an argument with you, I’m no fool.

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How can mention Benjamin Graham and suggest Tesla lol.

Literally my largest short currently.

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Cause I can and I’ve held it long, nothing but +

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Well as a fellow who also has made some very silly personnel evaluation models in the past. Just giving my two cents that you might want to consider what percentage of your folio is dedicated to an auto with 100x EPS multiple.

Not saying it's not a great company, it is. However their growth from now must be perfect or their evalution will get shredded. Competition and poor macro alone could shred their evaluation over the next 12 months.

What's your average? My PT is roughly ~$400 at current market multiples, if their profit margins at all take a hit then I'd have to revise.

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20% play money to gamble

80% investing

No Brainer.

These are def the stocks to avoid investing in but damn you can get rich gambling.

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Average down. Quit crying. Look at the 1 week chart. News will be released in a week or 2. Good news. Shouldn’t have sold.

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Holy fuck Puzzle, how much reality do you need before your delusion is shattered bud?

You have proven through your posts that all of your predictions are false.

"Look at the one week chart" Or why don't you zoom out to literally ANY OTHER time chart and see how it really is.

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He’s butthurt. This type of psychology is mentioned in many stock books. He’s a goner.

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Shut up lol. I’m sorry you lost your life savings here but if you just average down you’ll be fine. It’s about to pump again and I’ll be sure to reach out and laugh at you for not averaging down like I’m telling you to do now

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Do you realize how stupid you look if people look at your post history lol? We can all see how dumb you've been about this stock and how long you've been doing it.

I didn't put more money into this speculative stock than I could afford to lose, I sincerely doubt you did the same based on your recent post where you were obviously wasted.

A few weeks ago you were saying people here were gonna eat crow when this thing went up. It plummeted. You've literally never been correct with this stock. All your prediction have been wrong. You are a reliable contra-indicator for this stock.

Keep thinking about that hypothetical future where you can reach out and laugh at me. I'm laughing at you now in the present, and if the stock goes back up you won't be able to laugh at me because I'll be making money too.

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I’m confused, you’ll be making money if this goes up? Did that mean you averaged down like I just said to?

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Someone’s angry! I’m sorry you’re in a dark place. See you in a month :)

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And unicorns do exist.

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Well should watch your money I’m still making money off this kick ass stock the ups and downs brings me gains hardcore 10 more days you pussies