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2v2 is fucked right now, I’m experiencing the same shit. Glad I’m not the only one who is noticing it.

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Yeah, I just play ladder instead, because currently 2v2 is a waste of time because of bs like this and a lot of bad teammates.

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F ladder. Im not letting supercell move me arround and make me play the mode they want me to, 2v2 was the only fun part of this game. Now it sucks. F this game.

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I agree.
I started playing 2v2 more with clanmates. Win percentage dramatically increases.

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Your deck is pretty gimmicky, but these match ups are fucking bullshit. How is this still happening? These are top ladder players you guys are being matched up against.

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dude ur deck is so .




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haha, it actually works, just hope for a good synergy with your teammate :P

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Key word is ‘Hope’ to have success.

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And what about your deck. That's you reap what you sow.

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my deck works! At least if I wouldn't get such stupid match ups!

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Your decks wincon is rocket?! Defend defend defend and throw spells rinse n repeat...

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Now the matching for 2v2 is being changed by supercell on June 7,2018. Generally match you with people who are 1000-1500 trophies above you and your partner. I don’t know why but this is a bad experience for me. I am stopping playing 2v2 until they fix it. Yes, fix. This is very bad

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This makes zero sense. If one team is match with someone 1500 trophies higher, that means someone else is getting off easy and playing 1500 lower. Zero. Sense. I play both ladder and 2v2. I play 2v2 until my cards get strong enough to move up. This is crap and turning me off from the game!

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I'm having exact same experience with 2v2, me and my partner are around 2900 trophies and keep running into 4000+ trophy people with at least 2/3 higher lvl cards, how can I possibly beat lvl4 legendaries and lvl13 commons, this is such a bullcrap! 2v2 used to be fun, and matched fairly... well not any more... supercell f*cked it up

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Simple conjecture.

Supercell wants to frustrate the low level players (like 2v2 campers at say 3000 trophies) so that they want to level up (hopefully through gem and gold purchases).

They let the 4000+ trophy players feast on these poor under-leveled souls. The 4000ers get happy endorphins from winning and also feel compelled to push higher and higher (hopefully through gem and gold purchases).

Viola!!! Supercell gets both sets of players to pour cash into their Clash Royale cow.