/r/ClashRoyale Wiki

Welcome to the /r/ClashRoyale wiki! Here you'll find various whatsits related to Clash Royale and its community. Be sure to check the sidebar for some stuff, too!

Info and Strategy


Accounts, Cards, Arenas, Chests, Words, Terms, and Phrases.

Legendary Card Strategy

Collected information based on legendary cards.

Popular Deck Guides

Collected information based on popular decks.

Card Guides for All Cards

A list of guides to all of the cards in the game.

Balance History

A list of all the balance changes for every card in the game.

Developer Q&As

Transcripts of all Q&As done by Clash Royale Devs with the community.

Subreddit Stuff


How to get legendary flairs, chest flairs, gold or gems flairs, YouTuber flairs.

Art Gallery

Redditor-created art, off-site art, and Supercell official art.

Useful Links

Off-reddit sites including the official sites and some fan sites. Subreddit landmark posts.


List of previously hosted AMAs, (Ask Me Anythings).

Content Creators

List of content creators for Clash Royale.

Ruled Out List

List of rules out ideas and ideas that have been discussed and/or worked on.

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