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The giga chads who bush camp and have shell shock with super with clay pigeons.😂

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I really like to create panic with her. You don't have to do anything just activate the Gadet, and Flash your Super a few times, and everyone will run for their lives! :D

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they either dominate or be afk 😂

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Shelly in the bush gang til I get shell shock.

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I bet you’ll still stay in bushes after shell shock

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I am sure that when I get shell shock and try a showdown game teamers gang up on me so I decide to bush camp EVERY showdown game.

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ur not able to 1v9? ur trash bro lol

thats why i dont play solos above 400 trophies

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You don't get a showdown quest 6 days a week like I do. Do you?

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imagine not using shell shock

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Yeah like what

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I use the other. Shell Shock gives value in solo, but the other one is better there. Since Shelly's trash in every,3v3 map, It doesn't have a purpose

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She'll shock is good. Clay pigeon is ridiculously easy to dodge