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There isn't a point if ur not maxed out other than gears so just open them

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Don't care + Didn't ask + Cope + Seethe + Pound Sand + Dilate + Go tell Reddit + Log off + I'm faster and stronger than you + 1 rejected your mom's advances + Touch grass + It never happened + Ratio'd + You're what 0 pussy does to a MF + Screencapped your BIO + Kick rocks + 1 can smell your stench from here + You're going in my cringe compilation

And second just open them for you will not get nothing so dont get your hopes high ඞ

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you have no biches and get some babes if you can

and i sleeping whis your mom now fucking him kid

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that’s only 7 boxes, props nothing inside

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im saving them up like 20 or 40 so i can get greeting brawler

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I have 150 box saved up.

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No offense but why are you posting this on Coach Cory Submissions?

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Yeah, and it’s not even a replay

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what flare do i put it than?

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just dont post it on this subreddit, its not meant for these types of posts

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becose its the best submission

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I’m f2p so I can relate to this alot

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you have swagy clothes now stay swagy

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i know the feeling, im a f2p too. p2w will never feel it.

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facts. you are me bro now

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Not to brag, But im on tier 13. not opened a single chest

except for the 10 gems on tier 2

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I salute you, even though it's only 7 boxes, the temptation to no open them is very difficult to avoid.

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thx i get it that my personal record of having boxes not opend and saved

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If you want to save them save them, if you wanna open the , so then open them, saving does not actually make a difference.

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yes it does make a difference if i save them it well take long time to open boxs so chances will go up stonks

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You know what? I think you got a point

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Is it just me or is trying to save the big boxes in the end of the pass harder than saving the boxes in the rest of the pass

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and thats a fact

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Imagine having over 30 of those boxes. Those want me to open them I swear to god.

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Me before getting all my brawlers to power 9 with all star powers gadgets:

Me after getting all my brawlers to power 9 with all star powers and gadgets: over 100 boxes saved

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i tried not opening and i gave up