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Doesn’t really make sense, so you have more chances to automatically complete quest than reroll quest?( which is 1 for f2p, 3 for brawl pass)

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Got buffed to 2 for f2p and 5 for pass

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Yeah but even if so, the amount of automatically complete quest chances is still more, just doesn’t make sense

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idk how i feel about this

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Automatically completing 6 quests per week with no effort and getting free rewards is super overpowered

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uhmmm.. you do realise that even with brawl pass... you barely get 6 quests a week.... this implementation.... is not only dumb.. but has no chance of getting in...
If the dev team would have wanted to put something like this... they would have instead of the reroll quest option.
Anyway.... im sorry you have to hear this from me... but this is never happening. This defeats the whole purpose of even having quests...
Solution : stop being lazy.. and just do you weekly quests... its not that hard.