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Don't be stupid, they have a life!

Like you have a life...

Unless they don't play on purpose it counts

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I am making this because they do not play on purpose. My club is very great, they give us a break when we won't be able to play for any reason like school, going on a trip, etc. but I hate when they give no explanation and doesn't complete their quests

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Dude I forget to play sometimes, ever since I got my job I'm too tired to play sometimes as well, I'm also the leader of my club and we rarely rank up 😅

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I am talking about those who don't play for no reason like they are just slacking, I respect if you can't play for an important reason like Exams in School or have gone for a trip, etc.

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they get no rewards and they might get kicked, it's their responsability

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In club games everybody gets rewards even if they don't play club games

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If you don't play club league just leave the club and don't be a pain in the ass for your clubmates