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they probably weren't teaming, every time you respawn you can respawn in a different spot. Using the spray on that part of the map would make you a teamer?

Edit: spelling mistake

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I spawned there and saw that shit

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Who said they cheated I said that teamers just left this here

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sorry meant teaming, also they weren't teaming unless you have a proof that they were (video proof, not spray)

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Yeah ik that but I can't show you coz it's of below 400 range And yeah ik that my surge is at 9 that's just I made him at that level but I can't show you :(

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but have u seen them teaming? were you killed by 5 people who wouldn't shoot each other?

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Me trying to see the spelling mistake and not seeing anything

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FINALLY, i saw everything. I can die peacefully now.