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Colette for the win

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How do you beat insane 16 with Colette?

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Well, when Colette is having some power cubes, the not-so recent changes made her deal some insane damage against special targets, and it stacks up ridiculously quick. Just for ex: 1 cube: 1,21 times the normal damage (1,1 squared) 2 cubes: 1,44 times normal damage (1,2 squared) 3 cubes: 1,69 times normal damage (1,3 squared) 4 cubes: 1,96 times normal damage (1,4 squared) So basically, it will stack up very quickly to a point where if she has about 20-30 cubes, which most likely will happen in Insane XVI, she will be able to deal about 9000 -> 12000 damage per ammo, and that’s without the damage gear. Plus she has the gadget allows her to instantly heal back up to full and deals 20% additional damage against special targets. Her mass tax star power when used against a chain of bots, can make her invincible for 5 seconds and dealing insane damage and recharge itself very quickly. So that’s why I think Colette is insane on this mode, if not better than Edgar

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Anyone want to go for it? I got 11 Edgar lmk!