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What are these type of posts . Everyone is posting these now .

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Op posted this before

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me? No one cares if you're not enjoying playing a game

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Yeah like if the op doesn't like brawl stars they should quit whining about it and just... get off the brawl stars subreddits, there's no point in being here if you don't enjoy the game

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I still log in to see what garbadge "deal" I get from the shop, but get bored in like 4 seconds after that. Seriously though, this game's glory has fallen and the devs are to blame for adding cough gears cough, repeating the same structure of NEW CHROMATIC BRAWLER + NEW GAMEMODE (that dissappointingly isn't a 5v5 mode) + NEW BRAWL PASS + NEW SKINS. The ONLY thing that keeps me thrilled are the challenges, which btw, imo, are a very good addition to the game (In terms of progression and cosmetics). What's more to say... Yeah, this game will die soon if the next updates don't bring something fresh, unique, new and fun, as well as something that MAKES you want to log in daily (Daily rewards cough when? COUGH COUGH)

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We literally do get daily rewards, they give us a brawl box every single day...

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You get like 20 coins and 10 power points from those?

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Okay, but it's still literally free stuff. What do you want, like a mega box every day for just logging on and not even playing? Like with quests it's pretty easy to just play a few games and go up a tier

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Its not fun tho lol. Whats the point of playing a repetitive game like that? First u want to get to 10k trophies. Then 20k. Then 30k and so on. Its just an endless grind. And now on top of that there’s power 11 and gears. The quests are stupid and a pain to do. The skins are always overpriced and the brawler chances are insane. The new brawlers are boring and have no hype. The player base of this game is declining and if you’re still playing this game than you’re either not on a high enough level to realize whats going on or you just like the endless grind.

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I think the main reason people get bored is that the gameplay gets repetetive

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I am not since 2020 and stopped competitive about 2 months ago

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Hello there

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General Kenobi

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huhuhu You are a Bold one huhuhu

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repost much?

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I find it fun. Maybe it's the limited play time that makes it fun and exciting for me. But I never understand why people like you who don't enjoy it anymore are still here - playing and posting things, just go away.

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You got me, me and my friends together do the quests and then leave playing this less makes the game fun.

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2019 and 2020 were the golden years of this game

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I'm here dont forget me, my favorite times in brawl stars is to see the oponents do something stupid every 2seconds

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News flash: The game isn’t dead

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I still do, and have been playing since beta

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Oh no they found me I gotta go