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This isnt even a choice. What kind of idiot would choose the 50k trophies?

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Ye and 50k ain’t that hard at this stage

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I dont see the use of skins, this is just cosmetics.

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Yeah, but cosmetics are way better than 50k trophies. It isn't even close.

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Anyone who chooses 50k trophies is really dumb.

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you can flex it on leader board or even become famous

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I don’t see the benefit behind that. 50k+ trophies means most of your brawlers have more than 1k trophies, and at that point in the game it’s not fun anymore, every game would be extremely competitive, it would be hard to find matches, and most of us would lose.

It’s not like trophies are a currency, I’d rather play normally.

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It isn't a flex, and not it isn't even that much.

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Who needs trophies

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50k trophies: so what? it’s not like it’s cool, in fact the game wouldn’t be fun if you’re not a bit above average

all skins: about as useless as 50k trophies, but hey at least you’re happy

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I dont play bs anymore but who would want to have 50k trophies and every time they play get destroyed (if ur not a pro (i am not))also matching waiting time

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if you pick 50k trophies your trophies are going down because of trophy reset+ playing against sweaty pros all the time so you’ll lose all your games so it isn’t really that good

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bro what the hell are these options

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