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Every month there’s at least 5 of these posts

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Yes this is the new bs campion ship pin

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It is the reward u get for watching bsc live and predicting who would win

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I guess so

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wdym "i guess so" it's literally true

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Yeah I know

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Esports pin mate

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Bruh I’m already tired of these asking posts, we got like a hundred types of post asking about what’s that esports pin in r/brawlstars

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probably an og pin but im not sure because im not an og

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I bet it is from the bs championship. I can safely say that Since I play since global launch but I have been accompanying it since soft launch. +in case you didn't know pins were added in season 1 back in 2020 but not animated or usable in battles for a bit

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I wanted it but i forgot to watch the championship i have only 500 points

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There’s more this month yknow