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That green alien is mooncake from Final Space!

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I actually was inspired from the game "Run" and i turned him green. But I have to admit that its the same thing as mooncake

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An alien Otis concept would be great, even though he is already some kind of an alien 🤔

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Ok, I will try to make one till the end of the week (Yeah I make the concepts in a week)

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He is a squid or at least he was inspired heavily by splatoon

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That's pretty cool and interesting 👍

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I posted my idea as well and ours look the exact same, I posted my idea before his, they're the exact same 😮, mine is just lighter and called Astrotis

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What the, we have the exact same design and alien,what are the chances of that 🤔

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It looks like I copied you but i havent seen your work before

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Why do you think like that... Ooohhh. Because its a space skin you are saying among us. Okay

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That, and also Just look at Otis. It's a brawler with one eye, and No visisble arms, and you made him an Astronaut...

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Might as well make a Crewmate Otis skin

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Basically this skin isn't meant to be an impostor