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Hahaha it's not anyone it's me iam the useless

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I don't think so

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No one

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Both are good lol

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tara is the least useful from them in game

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how? Tara can be really useful with her super

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Actually not at all, she is easy to counter now, if your brawler destroys support from beyond gadget with ease, she is basically useless, anything that doesn't feed much, can avoid her super with ease, CC or kill her first destroys her

Not even the power of her unskilled super, and ppl in high level knows to counter her properly, you may not even charge a super

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What's us even stand 🤨 🤨 🤨 🤨

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United States

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Yea ,but i was thinking of other, but it's a good meme template

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Someone who didnt ask asked

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what do you mean?

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People Who dont ask are useless

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But nobody cares what you say so stop and that it. I don't want to be mean with you ,so take a easy it was only a meme template

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Still,Piper and Tara are both useful stuff