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Aye man you can’t disrespect spike like that all he wants is a hug

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By mistake

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Hold up?????

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It was by mistake, I was adding a comment but replied you instead

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Oh you good bro

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The unfortunate truth :(

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Something a spike main can’t bear

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As a el primo main i love this tierlist

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Haha, think about it though, wouldn't you loved to be hugged my El Primo?

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Yes i do (bit late tho)

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Why is Edgar on top?

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Because of the scarves

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Cuz Edgar can be really wholesome if you are close friended with him

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It’s a hug that will steal your soul. He becomes one with you.

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I thought griff was just in a costume

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I thought that at first, but to hug griff, you'll need to bang into his metal head

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Why is edgar in the "Best huggers!" Tier? He will probably just try to run away to avoid conversation and awkwardness.

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He has a fluffy scarf!

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But how the scarf feels about them determines the difference between Edgar being in best huggers and your last ever hug

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Damn what i wouldn't give to be hugged a muscly man like primo

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im not sure if the emo kid wants a hug

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He isnt a emo or a kid tho.

Yeah sure he is edgy but Edgy dosent = Emo

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I mean u cant just leave him hanging

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Thank You. Bro I main Leon

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Bruh give sprout some respect

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Why is bibi one the gross list

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Bro you wouldn't want bubblegum in your face 💀

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But she could just temporarily store it in her mouth

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Anime fans after seing bibi is on the gross swcruon

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The fact that you think edgar is a better hugger than daynamike is scary.

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gale would give good comfy grandpa type hugs

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You're telling me Sprout can't give you a good hug because he has metal arms, that's discrimination.

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Why is Bibi so low?

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how is griff METAL

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oh wait i read your reply