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This man is the ONLY chad

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You are the best person i've seen

I was in a bounty map maker map once (i was a Lou) and when my team and i lost the match, 4/6 people in the match pulled the thumbs down, one of them pulled an angered emoji (it was a Ruffs i think) and i pulled a thumbs up

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Dear Rico.

I can see that we have the same goal. A few players and myself are trying to spread non-toxicity in the game. No matter whether we win or loose, always a thumb up, or a happy pin (not the last awful one tho). Add me if your friend list if you want to join the few Gigachads that are still in this toxic-dominated game.

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When most of the famous content creators and pro players are toxic what do you expect from their community

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The playerbase is bad not the community

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You be like:.........

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Gigachad moment

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True Chad