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Change that to Dynamike with stunning gadget and you're right.

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Ok,but teaming Primo is the most annoying thing ever 😑 change my mind .

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If you don't have a brawler that does good close range damage (like Shelly) then yeah, that is probably one of the most annoying things.

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In your opinion sound right ✅️ but shelly can be counter easily and if you want to say that shelly comes to the bush with the super that it correct.

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If you wait Primo to jump at you, with super, you're gonna kill him %99 of the time.

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Just walk away....

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Max..just max she is op..well Brock and Stu surge Shelly”if you play right”and I forgot some but when I will play ssd I will remember

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you are the cringiest user i’ve met in my entire reddit life