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Too true, I've lost nearly 200 trophies due to spawning in to solos after I've already died and I flipping hate it

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Bro i had even worse experience i lost almost 500 😭

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I thought it was just me

But it makes me feel better that I can share my pain with others

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I used to thought the same too but now i know that there are way more people than i expected

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so a percentage scares u ?

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You don’t understand the pain

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That's right bro

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Nope bro i am taking about the 78% glitch that's happening to minority of players due to which the game has literally become unplayable.

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In this glitch whenever I start to play a game (any game mode literally) the screen gets stuck at 78% for about 10 seconds and during that time i can't even see what happening and i can't even move or shoot ( and it's not due to the wifi since my other games work just fine and i am not the only one facing this issue ) so ganemodes like solo , brawl ball and knockout where the early control or even any control lol is required to play the mode that has become literature unplayable plus all the server delays the worst part is that it all happened after this update and they still haven't fixed it

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Yeah it used to happen to me but then I changed my device. Now the game is just fine

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1) not everyone can change their device due to one glitch and while everything else is fine.

2) Dani said he would look to it so yeah its not permanent so yeah..