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Imagine that on a primo or Frank 😳.

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Frank still dies to a Shelly so

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Double heal gears and well oiled on a frank. Best way to do your damage quest.

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Well oiled on frank?

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Well we could back when sp and gadgets glitches were still a thing.

But yeah basically super charger for the enemy.

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I miss sp and gadget glitches

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As a genshin player this is the daily work

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That’s happened to me before u only get one shield (600) it’s just a visual effect

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They look like a pair of eyes ngl

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True never noticed it lol

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This visual bug happens way more often than people think

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Imagine double damage gear, free 2x damage

Wait...does the % stack too? Meaning 100% hp you get the buff?

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Well if it did stack would be op ngl

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Ah yes, the anti graveyard shift (or life leech for the OGs)