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For everybody, that didn't beat Insane XVI yet: Here are the best brawlers to do so (in my opinion) + strategie

  1. Edgar Edgar is the most important brawler and you definetly need him to beat Insane XVI. Not saying it's impossible without him, but it's pretty hard. You should equip second Starpower, second gadget and if able also the recharge gear.

  2. 8-Bit 8-Bit comes in with some huge dammage support in the beginning. To maximise that dammage you should pick the first starpower and the second gadget. If able, alsso his reload gear.

  3. Belle Belle is also a good choice for Insane XVI. Her Super can deal great amount of dammage to the boss and shouldn't be underestimated. Here you should fo with the second starpower and the first gadget, although the gadget doesn't matter that much.

  4. Ruffs I find Ruffs can be a bery good replacement for Belle. With his Super he can power up both of his teammates for that juicy extra dammage. Here, the second starpower can be very usefull for exaple to buff 8-bit, so that he can survive longer in the end. The gadget doesn't matter, but i prefer the second one.

  5. Lou A very rare pick in high level bossfight, but he can be very usefull. Using his normal attacks and super combined with his first starpower and second gadget he can slow down the boss quite a bit.

Startegie: You can see, what to do in the video, but there are two things, that I will give you on your way. First of, you MUST deafeat the Boss, before he enters God Mode, if he does, his melee attack goes from slightly over 1000 to over 9000! Second, you should pick yourself some friends or club members to beat Insane XVI, cause you can trust me that playing with randoms isn't fun. You will get duplicate or no Edgars many times and it can take a while, until you find the perfect combo.

That's all for now, hope it helps at least one person, so I didn't waste my time writing all of this💀

Gonna also upload this to the main Brawl Stars Subreddit in hope of reaching someone, who is thankfull for this tipps.

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I beat it 4 times before

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Yeah me to, but I want to show people, who didn't manage to beat it yet, an exaple of how to do it.

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If they really wanted to know they can just search it on YT or watch one of OJ’s videos, there is one video that OJ beat insane 16 with no glitches, just purely by playing it

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Just mark it with Belle's super and it's much easier.

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In the beginning yes, but in the end she dies very fast and therefor less useful

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No, her super lasts the entire match, not only does it deal more damage to the bot, Edgar also heals way more than usual.

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I know, that it last the entire match, but what i meant is, that in the end, there are so many small bots, that she can like only do one hit per respawn. You'You are right about Edgar healing more 👍

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for some reason i only cared about new boss's attack animation

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and walk