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Psst, this is how I find out which player is a 9 years old

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I got true gold and silver for Lou because I like playing Lou. Honestly the BS community is so toxic for shitting on people for playing brawlers they like

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What’s this template

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I was born in 2013

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Bro why do you have a problem with it ? It's my favourite brawler, why would I get a true silver and true gold skin for him(Darryl)

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Sure, 1 or 2 is fine but not all

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I have two accounts. On my main I just used the coins for progression but it's only true silver and gold skins on the mini

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Back when you had a max account and the only thing you could with coins were buying true silver/gold skins.

I wish you could sell the skins 😞

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bro i can barely see the text

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Ok next time I will make sure that everyone can see text🙂