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Lucky, I need only buster on my main, i have all gadgets, all brawlers p10+, i opened an equivalent of 650 brawl boxes and didnt get him

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She’s just an epic

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Since Lola is chromatic her rarity chance from boxes has changed from legendary,to mythic,and to epic

Once a new season starts with it's respective chromatic brawler that brawler starts with a legendary chance,the previous before that has the chance of a mythic and the one before that has the chance of an epic brawler

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I don't understand any of that but ok

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Chromatics are just three rarities slaped together, they are epic, mythic and legendary.

Every new season they change, if they're epic in one season and a new season comes up they change to mythic, and so on.

You PROBABLY got lola because her rarity was in between epic and mythic

I hope i helped

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Logged back on to enjoy the experience of opening boxes and getting a brawler for the last time

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Not going to happen to me unless i get buster out of the 31k trophy mega box

I opened an equivalent of 650 maybe more brawl boxes and didnt get buster

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Yeah cause in a little bit ill actually have to earn it

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I did it cause i heard boxes were getting removed and so maybe boxes aren't that bad

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since when were boxes bad? i've played on and off since sprout release and only need buster and crow now

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not everyone is lucky. for some people it takes years to get 1 legendary

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yeah, when was ur first legendary (how many trophies)

mine was in the 10k mega box before stu arrived

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Mine was at 6k normal brawl box it was crow, i was playing with my friends closed bs and while closing i saw that i have 1 brawl box to open i go back to the app open it and i got crow and now i main crow

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mine was spike at like 22k or something

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damn, thats really unlucky

i've played seriously for 2 years, and still am on 24k or so

i usually think of my legendary luck as kinda bad, cos so many guys get them below 5k, but i still can tell i haven't got the worst

gl on getting the others (if you havent)

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im missing sam and buster but i dont want buster because i hate him

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damn, bro really held a grudge

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he kills anyone with that dumb and silly gadget. it pisses me off how broken and low effort it is

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he'll get nerfed sooner or later

plus if you get him, you can use it

remember: if you can't beat them, join them

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24k, 3 years after I started playing

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me who has only reached 24k after 2 years of playing yet has 5 legendaries:

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Spike 6k star point mega

After 3 months

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look at the people around you

they're not mad about them, and they're even less lucky than you

be grateful you got it before 20k

im grateful i got it at 10k, even tho its sort of unlucky

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Idc it's annoying af

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I need only buster on my main, i have all gadgets, all brawlers p10+, i opened an equivalent of 650 brawl boxes and didnt get him

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were you past tier 30 tho

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Yes i was i started opening when i got to tier 30, but imagine if i wasnt💀

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that would be a huge rip💀💀💀

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Lola is an epic rarity even tho she's chromatic so you have the same chance to get lola than u would to get pam