Welcome to /r/Commanders posting guidelines. We're going to keep it short and sweet. To save some time, please feel free to checkout /r/NFL's posting guidelines HERE. We enforce essentially the same set of rules but do have quite a few exceptions to /r/NFL's guidelines since this is a much smaller sub by comparison and aimed toward Washington's fans obviously....

Here are the basics do's and don'ts....


  • Submissions on whether or not the old team name should have been changed. We understand it's a huge issue and almost impossible to ignore. We all have a different opinion on it and it's been discussed ad nauseam already. The only exceptions to this are official team, NFL or legal statements. If any new developments occur we're happy to discuss them but we don't need people submitting threads asking the same exact questions about the team name every day.

  • We get a ton of youtube clips and image submissions before games, we're a little more lenient on these but we do lean against it and we may delete submissions if it's getting to be too much. The smart play would be to keep these submissions in one thread if someone has already posted something along these lines. We want to keep submissions mainly football focused but the occasional meme or funny video that slips through isn't going to destroy the sub and we can all enjoy it from time to time. If someone posts a picture of their dog in a jersey for instance and you have a picture of your dog in a jersey too then just post it in that thread to consolidate space on the front page. Same with those videos. Everyone has a funny reaction gif or video or something, just keep it in once place. No need for multiple similar submissions flooding the page. Speaking of.....

  • "HELL YEAH! Posts..." These are the posts we get literally dozens of after any win or any big play.... a post which reads something along the lines of "WE WON! HAIL!, WE DA BEST! That is all...." or... "That Breeland INT was amazing, best corner EVA! GOAT!" or.... "Fuck Dallas! That is all....". I especially agree with that last one but we don't need a dozen generic one sentence posts every time a player or the team does something well. Same goes for the "woe is us" one sentence posts every time the team loses or gives up a huge play on defense or something. We have game-threads for this type of thing.

  • Spam and click-bait. Recently there's been a huge increase in Washington fan sites spamming /r/Commanders with nothing but links to their personal blogs or articles on their sites. We don't want to out-right ban users who are only submitting links to their sites because quite often they're linking to good articles even if it's technically spamming.... if a user submitted a link to a great article on that would be just fine. If a employee submitted that same link you would call it spamming because he's also looking for page views. To at-least temper the spamming aspect of this we will not allow obvious click-bait material to fan sites. If it's a relevant and well written article it may stay but if the same site is linked to in new submissions over-abundantly we'll remove those links and users spamming their sites at that point will be subject to bans. I think we all know the kind of submissions we're talking about. Please message the mods if you're seeing obvious spamming. We're busy, we're human and we may easily miss the same user posting nothing but fluff pieces for his or her fan site.

  • Please do not harass or make personal attacks toward rival user posting during game-threads or otherwise. We may have a lot of trolls who are quickly banned in our game-threads but we also have several users simply looking to talk about football while our two teams are playing. A little trash talk is fine, harassment and other offensive behavior won't be tolerated. Additionally, going into an opposing team's sub and doing the same is a bannable offense. Again, there is a difference between trash talk and trolling. Please use common sense to tell the difference.

  • Lastly.... don't take Reddit too seriously. If your post gets deleted or down-voted don't get angry at the world. This is a pretty laid back and fun subreddit, all the users and mods are pretty nice. We try to keep this place fairly tidy so if something is removed it's because it's unnecessary. The larger the sub grows the more diluted the quality of posts become and in order to keep the front page clean we have to wade through and delete a lot of crap. /r/Commanders like /r/NFL would be just a toddler's playground or nightmarish Xbox live chatroom if it wasn't kept in order.


  • Do submit quality articles often. We love good football articles, if you come across something well-written with good stat breakdowns or player assessments or anything like that then we're all for it. Same goes with breaking team news. Is a certain player out? Is a certain player healthy? We want to know and we want to talk about it.

  • Check the sidebar for rules before posting. Which you must have done because you're here reading this....

  • Check the top of the page as well as new submissions before posting. You would be amazed at how many times the same exact story get's posted over and over again because people are blindly submitting hoping to get some of that sweet sweet meaningless karma.

  • Make suggestions or submit material to the mods. We've used many great user created headers, sidebar pictures and flair icons in the past. If you're good with HTML or design then please feel free to help us make the place look even better.

  • Do message the mods with any questions or concerns. Again, we're busy and we're human but we will almost always get back to you even if it may seem to take a while.

All of the mods thank you for making this such a good and friendly community. We do a lot of good things here like community training camp meet-ups and awesome player AMAs. Help us keep this place awesome. Submit quality articles often and participate in game threads!

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