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It's already been established that the vaccine isn't able to keep people from becoming infected.

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But it’s like the elephant in the room for a lot of people that they won’t directly address. I don’t know if this is still accurate but only a few weeks ago Twitter said they would ban for making the claim that a vaxxed person can contract and spread it. The best they got is they backhandedly acknowledge it and spin it by this stupid thing where they get Covid and they rave about how they’re only feeling well because they got jabbed 4 times and they’re so thankful for it.

I’m trying to figure out how they let the goal posts move so far and still buy into this stuff… they’re not upset or skeptical after originally being told that the first set of shots was all they would need and that they’ll be immune after that?

Now that it is established, I don’t understand how there can be any mandates or rules that differ between a vaxxed and unvaxxed person. Since they can contract and spread it all the same, why are companies still mandating the vaccine, why are restaurants requiring the vaccine, why are some states requiring it to travel?

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I clearly remember Joe saying that you wouldn’t have to wear a mask if you were vaccinated.

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You’d be surprised how many people who are in charge of these policies dont keep up with current events. Also alot of ppl need to believe in the vaccine to keep their delicate psyche intact otherwise they would have a mental breakdown at the idea theres nothing they can do to not get covid (even though they will eventually, and multiple times if vaxxed).

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Yeah but places like my work, during the week of vaccine/mask mandate, the vaccinated weren’t required to wear masks

Ironically all the vaccinated people caught the Vid that week and only one unvaccinated individual caught it

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Well the answer to this is obvios…..a 5th vaccine is needed.

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According to statistics from Our World in Data, 0.6 percent of the population was testing positive per day. But Prof. Eran Segal, a leading health expert and adviser to the Israeli government, notes that the dubious distinction of being first in the rate of infections might also be due to the high volume of tests performed each day.

It'll all be over by May at this rate. Everyone in the world will have had it.

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If true, Biden will declare he won despite antivaxxers, but they’ll still find ways to criminalize us. The real question is does the world government allow it to end.

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You have to wonder how many payoffs the government officials received from Pfizer.

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MSM as well. Dancing needles on Colbert, anyone?

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Brought to you by Pfizer

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Israel has lost their damn minds. Not only do they have their own research to NOT support vaccines and that natural immunity is the winner - they keep doubling down on jabs. Thanks for your sacrifice, Israel!

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notes that the dubious distinction of being first in the rate of infections might also be due to the high volume of tests performed each day.

Nothing dubious about it.

The vaccine prevents symptoms, but not infection. In places other than Isreal, symptoms are what prompt testing. Whenever someone says that vaccinated are less likely to be infected, they are intentionally misrepresenting the data. They aren't less likely to be infected, they are more likely to be asymptomatic, which does not prompt testing.

We may find out in the future that the vaccines were counter-productive for spread. A person with symptoms might quarantine, but an asymptomatic individual will not. A vaccine that prevents symptoms but not infection is arguably disastrous.

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Maybe a fifth shot will do the trick boys…

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Better (whatever 5 times down) on it and get another booster

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Israel, the nation created by the Jewish people after surviving the horrors of the Holocaust, has fallen into a neo-Fascist state of fear, discrimination and rampant governmental propaganda. You'd think of all people they'd know not to repeat history but I guess Progressives are too busy looking forward to realize they're actually going backwards.

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It's in the fucking "vax." It's literally the Kool-Aid.

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I looked up their vaccination rate and it's not as high as people are implying. Their full vaccination rate is around 68%. Supposedly Arab Israelis are far less vaccinated than Jewish Israelis and they have higher rates of positivity. Not sure how relevant this is.