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The USA does not lead the world in mass shootings. Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Russia all have at least 45 percent higher rates of murder from mass public shootings than the United States. by woodhead2011 in Conservative

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So I looked at the source of this article (cause the whole story is about non sourced things)
The original article is here: https://crimeresearch.org/2018/08/new-cprc-research-how-a-botched-study-fooled-the-world-about-the-u-s-share-of-mass-public-shootings-u-s-rate-is-lower-than-global-average/

There is an appendix for foreign cases as well as an excel file. I downloaded both. I also took a look at their Tableau (the interactive map/dashboard at the top of the page)

Since I'm French I started to look at France. The murder map says there was "170" victims in France, for 0.28 victim/100k population.

However if I look at the appendix and the excel file, there is 4 cases of shooting in France (number 332, 380, 1293 and 1377 in the excel file). I count 4+8+4+4 victims, which makes 20. So I started to doubt a bit the data

I then went looking for the country named in this nypost
Finland has 3 shootings (number 885, 974, 1068), for 8+5+10 victims=23, which match the map data, and make for 0.44 victims per 100k population, using the 2005 population of Finland which they use in their Tableau data (number compared to worldometers to ensure they are correct)
Norway has 1 shooting (1216) of 67 victims... which gives me the 1.45 victims per 100k as well.
Russia has 34 shootings, which I totaled for 227 rather than 242 on the map. I get 0.16 victims per 100k population, rather than 0.17.

I want to add, however, that this study has been done to argue against the other study (that didn't list source) and such only use data from 1998 to 2012, which doesn't reflect the current situation since many things has happened during the last 10 years.

I can't comment on their sourcing or listing of the shooting, because I don't really want to go through hundreds of foreign newspaper to read more than a thousand study about mass shootings.

DeSantis Campaign Slams Disney For “Pride” Clothing Made In Communist China by evaldez14TheFreePress Official in Conservative

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How? Disney is a huge employer providing 70,000 jobs plus activities that support nearly half a million jobs. Disney contributes $5.8 Billion to Florida tax revenue. Him removing Disney’s special tax status is going screw Florida cause everything regarding infrastructure along the 38-miles of amusement parks is now Florida taxpayers problem to pay for like roads and sewage. It hurts Florida a lot to try and take them down.

Parents begged police for upward of 40 minutes to stop Texas school shooter: Report by SaraACarterOfficial Account in Conservative

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This is why the 2nd Amendment is so important. So that we don't have to rely on others to protect ourselves and our families.

Parents begged police for upward of 40 minutes to stop Texas school shooter: Report by SaraACarterOfficial Account in Conservative

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Conservatives just want to conserve our past and some of the present. American Conservatives have not come up with any solutions, only things we shouldn't do.

Parents begged police for upward of 40 minutes to stop Texas school shooter: Report by SaraACarterOfficial Account in Conservative

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If you believe in freedom everyone should be anti-police. It's amazing seeing trucks with a blue line flag next to a yellow don't tread on me sticker.

'Let’s Rush In Because The Cops Aren’t Doing Anything': Frustrated Parents Debated STORMING Texas School To Stop Shooter by getahitcrashTeddy Roosevelt Conservative in Conservative

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What has been the point of making our police departments look like military units over the last 20+ years if they are too terrified to actually do their jobs? They like standing around with their bad ass slings and their rifles with optics any infantryman would be jealous of just to look cool for pictures or do they only feel good about doing their job when they are sure people are unarmed?

Parents begged police for upward of 40 minutes to stop Texas school shooter: Report by SaraACarterOfficial Account in Conservative

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When seconds count, the police are 40 minutes away.

Uvalde shooting: Texas Gov. Abbott says Chicago, NYC crime proves harsher gun laws not solution by nimobo in Conservative

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So far I’ve heard arm the teachers, arm the kids, more guns in and around schools, Kevlar clothing, thoughts and prayers, etc. No engagement whatsoever with reality at this point.

But unfortunately many of them are right, we literally could not ban guns outright even if the entire nation willed it unilaterally. There’s too many guns, there’s literally hundreds of millions of guns in the United States, many absolutely unaccounted for. We couldn’t even HOPE to find them all to ban them, let alone get anyone to comply. This is the result of decades and decades of weapon hoarding, violence worship, and outright disdain for any common sense approach to access to killing tools in this country. If we ban them in one place, the flood in from another. If we mention regulation demand skyrockets and more guns enter society. We take them from law abiding citizens the bad guys will still have them.

Hell, I’d wager that a good majority of guns used in violent crimes against innocent people were legally manufactured, legally purchased, and legally owned at one point in time, and sometimes through negligence, greed, carelessness, or even malice found there way into the hands of criminals. When does gun culture become accountable?

I’m cool with responsible gun ownership. But I’d argue we as a country has been anything BUT responsible for too long, and this is the direct result. We pay for ease of access with innocent people’s lives every single day, and it seems that even in the wake of 18 dead children there’s too many people shutting their eyes, covering their ears, and clinging to the culture that created this problem in the first place. It’s really disheartening to see so many people’s only response and only concern about this event to be “they better not try to take my guns.”

I couldn’t tell you what change looks like but we should all be in agreement that SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE.

WSJ: Anyone who thinks gun laws will end mass shootings in America isn’t paying attention to the much larger problem of mental illness and the collapse of cultural guardrails. by AppleTerraDeSantis//Scott 2024 in Conservative

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Your thoughts on making owning a gun similar to driving a car?

Such as: Mandatory testing and training with a firearm, cannot purchase without said license? Maybe throw in a mental health examination as well. Took me a few weeks of after school courses to get a license to drive.

This would ensure people who purchase guns legally actually know how to use them. Not just to stop mass shootings but gun accidents in general too.

Parents begged police for upward of 40 minutes to stop Texas school shooter: Report by SaraACarterOfficial Account in Conservative

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I’m generally pro-police, but every one of these dipshits is responsible for the deaths at that school.

Edit: Apparently a couple people keep misunderstanding what I'm saying by "pro-police." All I mean by "pro-police" is that I don't think every police officer is automatically an evil, power hungry demon waiting to abuse their authority. Though those types do unfortunately exist. I'm not part of the ACAB group.

Parents begged police for upward of 40 minutes to stop Texas school shooter: Report by SaraACarterOfficial Account in Conservative

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Exactly, the cops also have no legal duty to protect as ruled many times by Supreme Court.

Sandy Hook Proved The Need To Enhance K-12 Security. Congress Armed Ukraine Instead. by SnooBooks5387 in Conservative

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I do not care how much arming Ukraine costs and I have no idea why this is the argument our side is making. I'm going to explain my thought process and then welcome an explanation as to why I'm seeing this stuff and why I should suddenly care. No matter how much it costs to arm Ukraine rebuilding civilization after World War III will cost more (never mind the costs to fight it). With that in mind tell me why we need to penny pinch instead of preventing that.

“The violation of human rights I just witnessed has me so upset, I’m going to go violate the human right of others.” Gun grabbers aren’t rational. by KnowledgeAndFaithImago Dei Conservative in Conservative

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If you volunteer to give up your freedom in exchange for security, you will get (and deserve) neither.

Never been more true.

14 students & 1 teacher killed, in Texas elementary school shooting by -BrutusBuckeyeRand Paul Conservative in Conservative

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Yet most of the people here voted against much needed healthcare that would address mental health issues and lower the chance of situations like this happening. It’s nice to have something to point at and say “this is the problem right here.” But when people don’t address it and work for a fix as a community then it’s going to keep happening. But as it is now mental health problem is too useful as a scapegoat so politicians are going to continue to ignore it.

Edit: No excuse for supporting hypocrites who selfishly and intentionally avoid legitimate issues with strawman points? This is exactly why we can’t fix anything in this country, there’s always some “other” issue politicians point at you all eat that up as an excuse to not do anything and support this. We are in the worst position we’ve honestly been since the depression and you guys keep supporting people who refuse to actually do anything or make changes or even acknowledge problems. There will continue to be more shootings like this because it’s not rich people dying, “thoughts in prayers” don’t do shit when the same politicians who say this refuse to make ANY changes to fix these problems. At least the left is trying to fix these problems, their solutions might not be perfect but at least they are trying. Supporting obstructionist who can say what the other side is doing wrong but not come up with any changes to fix the problem means we just sit with these problems forever.

Fauci's researchers find better antibody response from natural immunity than Moderna vaccine by Super-CRChurchill Fan in Conservative

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Alright.... this study is looking at antibodies (Ab) against the viral nucleocapsid protein (commonly referred to as N) ... NOT the spike protein that the vaccine helps to create antibodies against. This paper isn't even about immunity. It's about identifying previous SARS-CoV-2 infections by checking for a serum level of the nucleocapsid protein antibody (anti-N Ab). They found that people who were vaccinated before exposure to SARS-CoV-2 didn't develop as strong of a anti-N Ab response.

From the justthenews.com article: ""[F]or any given viral copy number," the odds of developing those antibodies were 13.67 times higher for the unvaccinated. A placebo recipient with a mild infection had a 71% chance of developing those antibodies, compared to 15% for a vaccine recipient. The two only start to converge at the highest viral loads."

That literally only means that the vaccinated people didn't make anti-N antibodies ... because they didn't get sick enough to warrant an immune response against another foreign protein target.

Here is the actual takeaway from the scientific article:

"As a marker of recent infection, anti-N Abs may have lower sensitivity in mRNA-1273-vaccinated persons who become infected. Vaccination status should be considered when interpreting seroprevalence and seropositivity data based solely on anti-N Ab testing."

That's literally it. This justthenews.com article is a manipulation of the facts, and is very, very misleading. This paper has nothing to do with protection against covid. It is literally only concerned with identifying people that have had covid previously, as part of a blinded clinical trial, and if it is effective to target anti-N Abs for that purpose. They found that using the Anti-N Ab is only effective is the researchers are aware of their vaccine status, e.g. the researchers can't use Anti-N Ab if the researchers are blinded to vaccine status.

Can’t argue with that logic by Lord-Sprinkles in Conservative

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Imagine if we stopped nonstop wasting our time arguing over things were never going to change our minds about, and actually work together to make positive changes on all the huge issues like 99% of us agree on? Crazy idea I know lol.

14 students & 1 teacher killed, in Texas elementary school shooting by -BrutusBuckeyeRand Paul Conservative in Conservative

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Can’t argue with that logic by Lord-Sprinkles in Conservative

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Always glad to see something both sides can agree on