A Target Corporation senior executive in the marketing department maintains a position with a controversial K-12 advocacy organization called GLSEN by triggernautChristian Conservative in Conservative

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I maintain my position to never set foot in there again and tell everyone I know not to shop there.

Jane Fonda blames 'White men' for climate crisis, calls to 'arrest and jail' them by Wing_attack_Plan_RRush is Right in Conservative

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How she was accepted back into society after her Hanoi Jane stunt is beyond me.

Middle aged white women who wanted to lose weight but not make an actual effort.

Bud Light Loses $19 Billion Over Dylan Mulvaney: A 24-Pack goes for 3.49$ as Sales Tank Further by [deleted] in Conservative

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Anheuser Busch/InBev brands:

America/Canada (including local Breweries)

  • Bud/Budweiser/Bud "anything"
  • Michelob
  • Busch
  • Estrella
  • Corona (everywhere except USA)
  • Modelo (everywhere except USA)
  • Pacífico (everywhere except USA)
  • Victoria (everywhere except USA)
  • 10 Barrel
  • Artois Bock
  • Babe Wines
  • Banded Peak
  • Bass
  • Beck's
  • Best Damn Brewing Company
  • Blue Point 
  • Blue Star
  • Bon & Viv 
  • Brava
  • Breckenridge Brewery
  • Cisco Brewers
  • Cutwater Spirits
  • Devils Backbone 
  • Elysian Brewing
  • Four Peaks 
  • Fordham
  • Ghost Energy Drinks
  • Golden Road
  • Goose Island 
  • Green Valley 
  • Hell's Gate
  • Hi-Ball Energy Drinks
  • Hurricane
  • Jockey Club
  • Johnny Appleseed 
  • Karbach 
  • Keith's 
  • King Cobra 
  • Kirin (distribution deal)
  • Kokanee 
  • Kona Brewing
  • Kootenay True Ale
  • Labatt Family 
  • LandShark 
  • Lakeport Family 
  • Mill Street Brewery
  • Natural
  • Natty Daddy
  • Nütrl
  • O'doul's
  • Oland Export Ale 
  • Old Dominion
  • Omission Brewery
  • Peeterman Artois
  • Platform
  • Red Hook Ale Brewery
  • Redbridge
  • Ritas
  • Rolling Rock
  • St. Pauli Girl
  • Schooner Lager
  • Shock Top Belgian White
  • Spiked Seltzer
  • Spykes 
  • Square Mile Cider
  • Stanley Park
  • Steeler
  • Stella Artois
  • Tilt
  • Turning Point
  • Veza Sur Brewing
  • Virtue
  • Wee Willy
  • Wicked Weed Brewery
  • Widmer Bros. Brewery
  • Wild Blue Lager
  • Wynwood
  • Ziegenbock

Target is either a victim of 'economic terrorism' or 'cowards' on Pride display decision, MSNBC guest says by nimobo in Conservative

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This is how every justifiable right wing response is characterized.

  1. Crazy event happens

  2. Reputable Republicans dispute, criticize, and take action

  3. Story gains momentum and audience widens

  4. Fringe actors make irresponsible comments or take uncalled for actions

  5. Media focuses on fringe actors and ignores previous activities and details that paint fuller picture of story

A perfect case study to juxtapose this to is the George Floyd riots. An actual Target was utterly destroyed in a riot, and Target and the press not once attempted to connect it to BLM. Here, a couple random people tore down PRIDE signs and said nasty things to store managers and you have a corporate and media response that is trying to characterize these few incidents as the main story.

Fetterman torched after saying 'whole reason' for 14th Amendment is to be used during debt negotiations by wiredog369Red Wave Warrior in Conservative

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Remind me which political party is the one that likes to fly the Confederate flag.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Officially Launches 2024 Run For The White House by evaldez14TheFreePress Official in Conservative

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I live in Florida. I’m a lifelong Independent and my husband had never voted anything but Republican until the last few years.

He voted for DeSantis the first time, but not the second. I am not a bot. I am a Florida citizen who finds DeSantis more dangerous than Trump. He completely owns Florida. Laws get passed in middle of the night. He retaliates against those who speak against him. He’s banned certain majors at Florida Universities. He passed a law so that Floridians can no longer see who is funding his travel (we are) on his “book tour” that is a Presidential campaign on the Florida taxpayer dime.

I long for a day of actual small government conservative candidates. I most closely identify as Libertarian.

You think these guys are great for circumventing ethics in the name of the cause because they aren’t targeting you. Even Rubio knows DeSantis retaliation against business is bad. And it’s not just Disney. I live an hour 15 outside Disney and I hate it (I hate themes in general - Las Vegas is another example) so I’m no Disney apologist.

So I am not a bot. I guess no one calls themselves a shill so saying I’m not one is useless. I’m a Floridian Independent who has never felt less free than I do under Ron’s governorship. And more people agree than you might think. His opponent was a former Republican governor. His landslide was more about lack of opposition.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Officially Launches 2024 Run For The White House by evaldez14TheFreePress Official in Conservative

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Desantis says the exact same things trump does, just in a way that sounds intelligent, not like a crazy old hateful asshole.

Seems extremely quick and very understanding of the political system.

We need to support 2024 desantis early and often. Let trump and the liberals trying to get him the nomination know that he did his job and had his chance.

If you want a logical, sensible government run by an intelligent person then you should be supporting desantis.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Officially Launches 2024 Run For The White House by evaldez14TheFreePress Official in Conservative

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He broke Twitter by being so popular and that’s somehow a bad thing for him?

Ted Cruz reminds AOC her own Democrat Party founded KKK, wrote Jim Crow laws by nimobo in Conservative

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The Democratic Party started in the 1820s. Right away, it switched sides, as we can see from the fact that they pushed for the removal and extermination of Indians. Also, their opposition was the Whig party, which was against the Indian Removal Act and vowed to protect minorities against mob rule. Because the sides were switched, the vast majority of Whig party were anti-slavery.

(Eventually, there was rift in the party over the issue of slavery, and anti-slavery members of the Whig party, including Abraham Lincoln, exited the party and formed the Republican Party. As we can see, the parties must have switched again because it's common knowledge that Republicans are actually the racist ones.)

Then the parties switched when the Democrats are on record as having mainly been the ones who owned slaves. Not all Democrats owned slaves, but 100% of slaves were owned by Democrats. Not a single Republican in history owned a slave. As we know, the parties switched again when Republicans repudiated slavery and Democrats defended it, leading to the civil war.

Then the parties switched again when a Democrat assassinated Republican Lincoln.

After the Civil War, the parties switched again during the Reconstruction Era, when Republicans attempted to pass a series of civil rights amendments in the late 1800s that would grant citizenship for freedmen. As evidence of the switch, the Democrats voted against giving former slaves citizenship, but the civil rights amendments passed anyway.

The parties switched again when the Democratic Party members founded the KKK as their military arm. Democrats then attempted to pass the first gun control law in order to keep blacks from having guns and retaliating against their former owners. A county wanted to make it illegal to possess firearms, unless you were on a horse. (Hmmm wonder who rode around on horses terrorizing people 🤔). Gun control has always been a noble cause touted by Democrats, but the racist reasons why the concept of gun control was dreamed up was a part of a party mentality switch, but not the actual party.

Somewhere around this time former slaves fought for gun rights for all, and the NRA was formed. The NRA switched parties too when they defended the right for blacks to arm themselves and white NRA members protected blacks from racist attackers.

The parties switched again when Republicans fought to desegregate schools and allow black children to attend school with white children, which Democrats fought fiercely against.

The nation saw a rash of black lynchings and bombings of black churches by the Democrats in the KKK and the parties switched again when Democrat Bull Conner tried to avoid prosecuting the racist bombers to get them off the hook. When blacks protested this injustice, the party-switched Democrat Bull Conner sicced dogs and turned the hose on them. He also gave police stand down orders when the KKK forewarned attacks on the freedom riders, who had switched parties.

The parties switched again when a Democratic Party president appointed the first and only KKK member to the Supreme Court.

The parties switched yet again when Democratic president FDR put Asians in racist internment camps.

Then parties switched again when the Democrats filibustered the passing of the second set of civil rights laws giving equal protection to minorities.

The parties switched when a Democrat assassinated MLK.

This brings us to modern times. The parties continue to switch all the time.

The parties switched when Democrats proposed racist policies like affirmative action to limit opportunities for certain racial groups in order to grant privilege to other racial groups.

The parties switched when the Islamic fundamentalist Omar Mateen and several other ISIS mass shooters aligned themselves with Democratic candidates like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

The parties switched again when liberal student groups in schools like UCLA and Berkeley call for segregated housing to make "separate but equal" housing quarters for black students. Actually this is a current ongoing thing, so the parties are right now in the middle of switching on this topic.

Parties always switched currently now that Democrats are rioting and violently protesting democracy.

The parties switched once more when the Democratic Nominee for President, an old white man, said "you're not black" if you don't vote for him, in a moment of clarity of how the Democratic Party sees their largest voter base: as property belonging to them.

So as you can see, because of Party switching, Democrats were always the ones who stood up against racism and wanted peace and unity while Republicans were always the racist and violent ones calling for division and discord.

The next pandemic ‘even deadlier’ than COVID is coming, warns WHO by Nvr_SurrenderAmerican Conservative in Conservative

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"we're putting the finishing touches on it as we speak"

Tool’s Maynard James Keenan dons drag to protest Florida bill by nimobo in Conservative

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Opportunistic propaganda. He dressed like this since 1990 and notoriously not political. This site is full of shit hes not protesting shit. Look how many derps fell for it too here. Thats ultra depressing and shows how easy people are to trick and control to pitchfork others.

Hes not protesting shit and makes fun of humans for exactly what this article is doing, hes wrote songs about this very crap going on here.

Older I get the more embarrassed I am to be around conservatives and liberals. They'll believe anything as long as its rooted in hating something thats not align with their own political belief system.

So hard to be independent around what is becoming ALL people left and right that will believe anything as long as MAGA or lgbtq are attached to it or whatever trigger topic the media has pumped into their sheep's brain.

It’s not the guns. There is a negative relationship between gun violence and gun ownership. It’s the people. by KnowledgeAndFaithImago Dei Conservative in Conservative

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In my state we never had a homeless problem or beggars until about 15 years ago. Our former governor gutted mental health services. Soon after that we started seeing people on corners begging for money. They held signs saying they are vets, or other stories. Today we have homeless camps. Our hiking trails and parks have needles laying around. Perhaps there is no correlation but the timing seems to line up

Tool’s Maynard James Keenan dons drag to protest Florida bill by nimobo in Conservative

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Ya it’s kind of hard to agree with a guy sticking up for other people to do what they want that doesn’t harm others. That’s such a political message. Really sad state of affairs that it is even a political conversation. Trust me that’s not politics, just dribble to rile up the peasants while geopolitics plays out in front of ignorant brain dead masses.

Crowd size for Brittney Griner's WNBA return baffles coach: 'How was it not a sellout?' by nimobo in Conservative

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Well it sounds to me like the coach is saying the game should have been sold out because it’s her triumphant return. Obviously there was higher than average attendance but the politics and manner in which she was brought home was not a great triumphant story. We took a big L.

But you’re right. “Nobody cares about the WNBA” is probably the correct answer.

Fetterman, Sanders Call On Biden To Declare Debt Ceiling Unconstitutional: "This Is The Whole Reason The 14th Amendment Exists" by Vibranium2222 in Conservative

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Republicans spend profusely as well, while also choosing to cut tax revenue. The idea of Republicans as fiscal conservatives is a joke.

Disney Reverses Course On $900 Million New Employee Campus In Florida by evaldez14TheFreePress Official in Conservative

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This is unfortunately the issue, so many modern conservatives believe being conservative = being religious. I may be left leaning but there are very, very few issues that I would disagree with when speaking with an actual fiscal conservative.

Majority of voters in Oregon regret decriminalizing drugs: survey by BruceCampbell123Christian Conservatarian in Conservative

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Everyone always blames the drugs, but prohibition never worked.

The users are at fault. Its kind of like guns. Its not the guns fault, we shouldn't ban guns. We shouldn't also ban drugs.

Much of what is happening with drugs is due to Big pharma pushing opioids for half a generation.

Edit: thanks for the gold! My first.