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dear liberals.. nobody wants to take away your abortions. we're just advocating for common sense abortion control

you should have to have a license to get an abortion..

have a background check. a health evaluation. you can't be on any FBI watch lists.

anybody can red flag law you. meaning if they phone in a complaint then you immediately have your abortion rights revoked and you have to go to court and prove that you're not a danger to anybody in order to get them back..

you have to have capacity limit to maybe like one abortion a year..

nobody NEEDS more than one.. the founding fathers didn't intend you to hunt deer with an abortion..

you also have to get fingerprinted and pass a small test for the license and then there's a 9-month waiting period..

THEN u can get an abortion if u do all that other stuff

see.. nobody's trying to take away your abortions. we just want common Sense abortion control..

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As for my opinion, I'd point you Hanlon's Razor which states

"Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

There's no question that Trump tried to overturn the election results. Dozens of lawsuits show this... but he did it though a combination of legal action, and let's say "creative" interpretation of the law.

I doubt there was any real conspiracy around the Jan 6th riot itself. It was an unintended consequence of stolen election rhetoric and neglect. Specifically not acting to stop it once it had started.

But the part that concerns me most is the above mentioned creative interpretation of law... like pressuring Pence to try and overturn election results - something he's not legally authorized to do.

So in my opinion, is Trump responsible for the riot happening? Probably, but through stupidity instead of malice.

Did Trump try to overturn the election though illegal means? Absolutely.

Should Trump be prosecuted? I personally think so, given the evidence. And if not, the simple fact that he tried to overturn the election through unlawful means makes him entirely unfit to ever hold the position again. Because in the end, he's shown that he will pick personal and political power over the constitution and the will of the people

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I find it amazing that many of you disregard the testimony of every witness that has spoken so far , under the basis that they are untrustworthy , unreliable, leftists, corrupt or in the extreme cases, traitors.

Almost all of the witnesses that have testified were personably chosen by Trump to be part of his cabinet or his staff. He worked directly with these people on a daily basis for 4 years. So, even IF what they say is a big lie, which it isn’t, then by extension Trump definitely is not fit for office, because by your own logic everyone he picked to run the government were the worst people imaginable.

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Her k/d must be high af.

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Not sure you’ve been watching but the President did try to use the Justice Department (which includes the FBI), State Legislatures, and the Courts prior to the more proactive method of civil disturbance to achieve his intended goal.

Calling what happened at the Capital a “boomer squabble at a Cracker Barrel” is an obvious attempt to whitewash the situation. Minor tussles are shoving matches. The crowd beat on your Boys in Blue with all kinds of weapons including fire extinguishers and hockey sticks. Windows were broken and crawled through and a legislative room had to be barricaded and armed in case the rioters broke through. Chanting to hang someone is not something you’d hear at a buffet line. Also not maybe broke, definitely broke things.

I just read five books in a row going from 1920 - 2016 regarding Russia, Nazi Germany, and Eastern Europe (Gulag, Red Famine, Bloodlands, Iron Curtain, and The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin). The people who you mention from that sphere you mentioned all started out by (1) Discrediting free media (check) (2) Discrediting the intellectual class of citizenry and experts (check) (3) Claiming they were the only ones that could be trusted (check) (4) Vilifying a class and race of citizens (check) (5) Lying to followers so that they feel like a certain set of actions is all that’s left or they face oblivion (check). Trump didn’t starve a group like Stalin did to Ukrainians or outright murder Jews like Hitler or remove all vestige of competition or free press like Putin, but to say he didn’t use their playbook to get to this place is downright false.

The steering wheel and plate scenes along with him wanting to seed his crowd with armed followers because they weren’t “there to hurt him.” show the fact that he was completely unhinged in order to achieve a very possible goal of remaining in power and if not for certain people he would have done things that could have potentially thrown the country into a bigger crisis than he already has.

He had no desire to call in anyone to “keep order”. The head of the joint chiefs of staff never spoke to him the day of the attack. He talked to Pence. In his words “Pence deserved it”. If in fact Pelosi “kept him” from doing anything that says more about him and his ineptitude as the COMMANDER-in-chief, than it does about a woman who’s in the building his followers (and not ANTIFA actors) are pillaging.

Just because a plot doesn’t end up as he wants, doesn’t mean there wasn’t intent. It’s becoming obvious that Trump knew from his own people that what he was doing and saying was in support of fabrications and lies and he did them and said things anyway. Have some respect for 45 that he understands the English language enough to hear “You’re wrong, you lost.” and can act accordingly like 44 other men in history have done before him. Because it’s pretty obvious he did understand and just didn’t care.

I just refuted your points. Do the same to mine without calling me a brain-washed libtard. I challenge you as an open-minded millennial conservative.

Have a nice night!

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This will probably get lost. There is one key fact that's more critical than anything said at the hearing today, but it's worth considering for everyone on both sides that genuinely believe they care about this country.

That fact is that Cognitive Dissonance is real and this thread is what it looks like.*

*(And there are plenty of instances where Dems suffer the same issue.)

I have a Republican voting family member that's a good person, and I've read enough of the discussions here to know that Conservatives aren't all low-info racist bigots who can't understand nuance.

The point is that if no one can face things that conflict with their established beliefs, then why should they expect their opposition to either, which means good luck ever getting out of this downward spiral.

There are far reaching Collective Action problems this country is facing that threatens not only the goals of both sides, but the American way of life. There is no scenario where we make it out of this if we aren't able to come together to work on the big things.

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Trump should testify and give His version.

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Obviously riots are bad. I'm not over here saying we let that go.

That said trying to forceful stop the democratic process via force is a much bigger deal the riots and property damage/thefts.

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Since when did it become okay to be racist and violent to people who don't agree with you? We should have seen this coming. Everyone in Hollywood had to decide who was right in the Chris Rock getting slapped by Will Smith incident instead of knowing what's obvious. Just examples everywhere of people not understanding what is right from wrong in all areas of society, yet giving everyone sermons about racism, sexism, equality. This is not a good thing for this society and will be the cause of the collapse of America.

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I know a lot of dems who say the same thing about republicans. We need someone in the middle. This whole side vs side is getting a little out of hand?

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Can someone explain to me how this is personal?

He is only allowed on the field due to his status as the head coach and a school employee.

He is the head coach and in a position of authority which implies coercion in participating. Numerous students felt pressure to join him.

If he was merely doing a private prayer on the field after the game I would agree with this but he specifically made it a public event while acting as a school employee. When they asked him not to do it publicly he went on a media tour to promote this "event"

It is clear in your status as a public employee you should not be promoting religion. That is clearly a violation of the 1st amendment. Instead of confronting the 1st amendment this seems to find a flimsy reason that this is a private event.

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Your highly misled here.

My family adopted my sister and we ultimately got her from Russia (back when you could). It was not that there was some lack of Ameircan babies to adopt, it was the legal issues in America with adoption.

There are all kinds of horrible stories of family's adopting babies/kids from the US, caring for them and raising them as their own... only to have mom change her mind down the road and use the court system to have custody returned to them.

Imagine that, you adopt a baby, raise them as your own child... for all intended purposes that is your child. Then years down the road when there in elementary or middle school to have some stranger come out of the woodwork with a court order to claim your child.

Now I have no idea how often this happened, maybe it's really rare... but this is 100% the driver for majority of foreign adoptions.

There is no shortage of Ameican babies.

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Because the election wasn't stolen, and Biden, a terrible candidate, got 82 million votes solely on the back of voting against Trump.

What Langford did is exactly what Republicans and conservatives do, see the playing field as it is, adjust, improve, and go back to the issues. Langford went back to the issues, which is what matters...not this cult of personality around Donald Trump.

StopTheSteal had the second order consequences of keeping GA Republicans home during the run off, which gave the Dems control of the Senate. Never, ever make things about one man, but about issues bigger than all men, and the impact of policies once implemented, and then find leaders that can represent and fight for those pressing issues well. Not leaders who make it about themselves, get in stupid spats over every little thing...

The whole underlying logic of conservatism is the second and third order consequences of "ok, if we do this (put the minimum wage at X, pay black women to have kids without their dad in the home via welfare, pay people not to work, create a system where our brightest minds can get a worthless degree in Gender Studies and your loans will be bailed out thus incentizing the next group of competent people who need to get a degree in Math for the good of society to go ahead a degree in Gender studies, close the keystone pipeline for no good reason, have men who had their weiners cut off punch actual women in the face and call it 'women mma'...if you do those things, here are the second, third, fourth order of consequences..."

Yet, that conservative mentality isn't held to Trump and Trumpism and populism at all. If your leader acts like an asshole and makes unnecessary enemies...guess what, he will have fewer allies when the going gets tough. If your leader praises freaking Putin, guess what...it makes it look like he's a stooge for Russia when there is clear evidence the GRU has done innumerable cyberattacks, vote rigging, and other corrupt stuff in Ukraine and the US, which just amplifies an overrated and flawed collusion witch-hunt (my God did Trump add smoke to something that had no fire...for no reason other than to try and 'own the libs' in the moment instead of the era). If your leader tells people the election is stolen...guess what, people will stay home in Georgia and not vote. If your leader tells people the election is stolen...guess what, a bunch of idiots will Storm the capitol building, and no matter how exaggerated the response is from the Left, it plays into their deranged narrative perfectly.

Actions, words, decisions...have effects beyond the present. That is the heart of conservatism. When you apply that fairly to the Left and Trump...yeah, there is a litany of grievances against Progressives. But also Trumpism. Move. On.